10 min Morning Yoga for Beginners – Perfect Way To Start Your Day

Wake yourself up by doing this simple yet effective beginner morning yoga class!

Hey everyone, you guys keep asking for more 10 minute yoga classes so I’m serving up a good one today. 🙂 Here’s a brand new 10 minute morning yoga stretch, great to do when you’ve just gotten out of bed. This is suitable for all experience levels and no props are required.

This is an energizing morning yoga class with a mix of seated and standing poses to strengthen and stretch from head to toe. Morning yoga classes are a wonderful way to set the tone for the day ahead and to choose your intention. Remember to breathe deeply and honor your body!


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Yoga with Kassandra – Disclaimer
Please consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. By participating in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Yoga with Kassandra from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of Yoga with Kassandra’s negligence. #yogawithkassandra #morningyoga #10minyoga

Good morning thank you so much for Joining me my name is Cassandra and I'm Going to guide you through this 10 Minute morning yoga class suitable for Beginners so this is just a great way to Energize in the morning and to get Yourself set up to have a wonderful day Ahead no props are required and we are Going to begin in a tabletop pose so Just on hands and knees This is Lucy sometimes she likes to join So you want to place your palms Underneath your shoulders fingertips Spreading wide and your knees underneath Your hips and we're just going to do cat And cow from here so as you inhale drop Your belly lift your gaze curl tailbone Up really broaden through your chest and As you exhale reverse this motion push The mat away from you and try to put More weight into your fingertips and Knuckles so keep going through these two Poses inhale a little back bend Exhale round and contract broaden Through your upper back In and out inhale and we're breathing in And out through our nose trying to get The inhales and the exhales to be just As long One more cycle inhale drop the belly Lift the Gaze Exhale round and contract Now come back to a neutral table top Pose and you're going to step your right

Leg and right foot out to the side so I Have my foot flat to the floor my ankle My knee and my hip are all in the same Line and then see if you can do cat and Cow right here you'll most likely feel It a little more through that right leg Him this year is Maggie so as you inhale Drop the belly lift the Gaze curl down Tailbone up you'll notice it's a bit Harder exhale round and contract just Two more like this inhale And exhale Last one And exhale [Music] Come back to neutral and you can just Come up onto your fingertips walk your Hands back until you can lift your seat Up stacking your shoulders over your Hips into your gate pose you're going to Reach your left arm up really stretch Along the side body into a side Bend so Reach that left arm up and over I'm Letting my right hand kind of slide down My leg here for supports Foreign Relax your neck relax your head this is Your opportunity to set the tone for the Day ahead Come all the way back up and through to Center and we're going to step our right Foot forward to the top of the mat so However you need to get it there you can Always help yourself out

You want to make sure you have your knee Over your ankle my feet are about hip Width distance apart here and I'm Melting my hips forward and down rolling My shoulders back Foreign Big thigh stretch And see if you can keep your right hand On the mat and extend your left arm up So this is an open Twist And then left hand comes down let's do a Closed twist so left hand stays down and You're twisting over towards the right Towards that right thigh And right hand comes down to the mat Curl the back toes under so you can lift The back lift knee off the mat and You're going to spin your back foot Parallel to the shorter edge of your mat We're coming up to Warrior Two so you Really need to push into your feet to Lift up my front heel is aligned to the Middle of my back arch and then we're Reaching the arms out Palms facing down And I'm squeezing my knee open here Let's find another side body stretch This time left hand comes down right arm Reaches up and over Still bending deeply into that front leg Come all the way back up Let's Straighten our right leg trigonasana Into your triangle pose your hips are Going to move back you're going to reach That right arm forward as far as it'll

Go before dropping that hand down left Arm reaches up to the sky and you can Just hold and prop yourself up on your Shin Where you can engage a little bit more Abdominal strength to hold yourself in The shape And let's all actually grab a hold of Our Shin if you weren't doing that Already and reach left bicep along the Ear a big side body stretch Looking down to the mat Bend into that Front knee let's find our first downward Facing dog You're going to step your right foot Back hands or shoulder width distance Apart feet are hip width distance apart If this is too much simply come down in Tabletop pose Otherwise try to lift your seat up nice And high pressing your chest back Towards your thighs don't worry about Having your legs straight or your heels Down Especially in the morning we tend to be Quite tight So the odds of that happening I know for me anyway are quite Slim One more big breath And let's bring our knees down to the Mat readjust yourself if you've shifted Table top pose and we'll do that cat and Cow version with the leg extended this Time on the left side so just step your

Left foot left leg out make sure that Foot is flat to the floor you're still In one long line three rounds of cat and Cow from here so as you inhale think of Lifting your feet lifting your heart Exhale round and contract Two more Last one Coming back to neutral just lift up onto Your hands so you can walk them back Until you're lifted up finding your Balance here realigning yourself into Your gate pose you're going to reach Your right arm up to the sky and lean Over to the left Let go of any tension in your neck or in Your shoulders Lifting all the way back up so this time We're going to step our left foot Forward to the top of the mat you can do So however is most appropriate and Comfortable for you framing your front Foot you have your left knee over your Ankle melting and pressing your hips Forward and down rolling your shoulders Back Hmm A big thigh stretch on this side and We'll do our open Twist so this time Left hand stays down right arm extends Up Switching to twist on the other side Right fingertips to the mat left arm Stretches up

Think of rolling that left shoulder Further back And left hand to the floor tuck the back Toes under lift your back knee off the Mat and spin that back heel in so your Right foot is now parallel to the back Of your mat and you lift on up with your Arms and your upper body bending into Your left knee think of squeezing it Open with your shoulders over your hips Let's reverse side body stretch right Hand down left arm up I know this is a challenging pose we're Just here for one more breath And come back up through to Center Straighten your left leg into triangle Pose hips Go Back Lean your chest and Your arm forward Right arm stretches to the sky And maybe you're just propping yourself Up on your shin here Foreign You can reach your right bicep along the Ear to go even further into this one Look down to the mat start to bend into Your front knee so you can frame that Foot planting your palms Your downward facing dog Stretching it all out And let's find child's pose balasana big Toes together Press your hips back towards your heels And bring your forehead down to the mat Letting go here

Trying to slow down your heart rate Finding this connection We do these morning practices to feel Good To feel better To really inquire as to what's going on In our body Our minds our emotions And really to set the tone and set the Intention for the day And you can lift your upper body up and Just come to take a seat any way that You'd like either kneeling or Cross-legged I'm just going to stay Kneeling here And you can bring your palms together at The front of the heart Anjali mudra Closing your eyes And you might choose one word that Focuses on how you want to feel today A one-word intention And we'll set this together by chanting Om one time let's inhale to chant Breathe deeply Oh Foreign Thank you so very much everyone for Doing this short morning yoga practice With me I hope you feel a bit more Energized and comfortable in your body Overall leave me a comment before you go Let me know what your intention is and Hopefully I'll be practicing again with You very soon

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