10 min Morning Yoga for CALM CONNECTION – no props & all levels

Start your day with this gentle full body yoga class, it only takes 10 minutes

Good morning, thanks for tuning in! I’m going to take you through this simple but very effective 10 minute morning yoga class. This is great for all experience levels and no props are required. The intention behind this class is “calm connection”. I want you to tune in to the relationship you have with your mind and body through your breath. Most of this class will be done standing.

Practicing yoga in the morning is a wonderful way to set your intention for the day ahead. Focus on the flow and rhythm of your breath as you move through these poses and ask yourself what your intention for the day is.


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Hi everyone thank you for joining me I'm Going to take you through this morning Yoga practice which I am calling calm Connection so hopefully a really great Class to get you thinking about how you Want your day to go and to connect you To your body overall we're going to be Doing quite a few balancing poses as Well as some hip openers so working the Full body should be a really nice feel Good flow and I'd say it's probably best Suited for intermediate students just Because of the balancing poses but Honestly give it a try even if you don't Think you're an intermediate student It's always hard to kind of classify These classes in this way so give it a Go we're going to begin standing up no Props required so working on calm Connection to wake ourselves up in the Morning go ahead and take a wide stance With your feet turned out so my toes are Pointing out about a 45 degree angle Here and flowing with our breath we're Going to inhale to Circle reach the Palms up maybe look up as well and as You exhale Bend into your knees to sink Your hips and bring your hands to your Heart so really connecting that through Movement with breath inhale Circle wide Exhale Sinking low really try to push those Knees open three more like this Foreign

Last one And exhale Holding here see if you can go ahead and Lift your right heel off the mat really Push into the ball with the right foot And ground it down switch sides Lengthen your tailbone down pull the Lower belly in Push that left heel down and let's go Ahead and straighten our legs you're Going to turn the toes in so both feet Are parallel to the shorter edges of Your mat Hands on your hips Inhale lift and lengthen and then hinge Forward from your waist try not to lean All of your weight back keep some of it In the balls of the feet as you fold You can release your hands down to the Mat really any arm variation that you'd Like here I like to just kind of make a no motion With the head And letting go of any tension through Your neck Relax through your shoulders and your Upper back and staying nice and low here Just go ahead and bend your right knee See if you can get a little deeper into That left leg Oh And straighten the right leg just bend Your left knee this time Straightening both legs walk your hands

Out in front of you so you can bring Your chest parallel to the floor really Strengthen power up through your glutes Squeeze through your quads bring your Hands to your hips push your feet into The floor and lift all the way up really Strong here we're going to step to the Front of the mat Tadasana your Mountain pose feed our hip With distance apart Shine the Palms Forward let's just take three rounds of A half Sun salutation inhale arms rise Palms come to touch Exhale fold down you can absolutely bend Your knees generously here they don't Need to be straight halfway lift inhale Go ahead and bring your fingers to your Shins parallel to the ground exhale fold A little bit deeper And reverse this motion press to stand Push your feet into the floor Circle the Arms wide Palms come together to touch Exhale hands at the heart two more Rounds just like this inhale And fold exhale Halfway lift fingertips to your shins Lift up through your chest Exhale fold back down And press the stand Circle your arms Lead with your heart Exhale release last time here inhale Exhale keep leaning your weight forward Into the balls of your feet Halfway lift flat back

And fold Press to stand come all the way up And hands at your heart holding here so Leaning onto your right leg will come Into vrikshasana your tree pose you're Going to bring that left foot somewhere Alongside the inside of that leg So I'm putting it against the inner Upper thigh you want to feel your right Leg push against your foot draw your Lower belly in and really lift up nice And Tall here this is your calm Connection Keeping your breath slow and steady if You'd like you can reach up through your Arms Some wobbling is totally normal If you had your arms up just bring your Hands back to your heart and we're going To come from here into a high lunge so My left foot is going to step all the Way to the back of the mat I have a cat In the way so this is a bit of an Awkward transition for me right now but You want your feet to be hip width Distance apart and as you're bending Generously into that front knee you're Going to get that nice thigh stretch Lengthen tailbone down and go ahead and Reach your arms up So feeling the energy go up through your Feet all the way up the legs up the Spine and reaching out through your Fingertips

Sink your hips a little lower and let's Find our first downward facing dog Hands down step your right foot back Feet our hip with distance apart and It's our first one so bend your knees as Much as you'd like don't worry about Whether your heels touch the mat or not It does not matter Just stretch It All Out Create some Space here And let's walk our feet to the top of The mat Bend your knees generously push into Your heels and roll all the way up to Stand And we'll get ready to do the same thing On the second side So you're going to lean onto your left Leg a little bit more and bring your Right foot wherever is best For you think of pushing your left leg Into the sole of that foot so you have This energy moving in through the Central Channel Sometimes you fall it's no big deal Just get back into it So hugging in through the midline let This lift you up a little bit more Keeping your gaze steady on something That is not moving And maybe Your Arms Reach up Without holding your breath Try not to dig your toes into the floor Hands come back to your heart and we're

Going to step the right foot to the back Of the mat for your high lunge on the Second side So feet are still hip width distance Apart rather than being one behind the Other Bend generously into that front Knee and reach your arms all the way up Foreign Really connecting here from your toes All the way up towards your fingertips Letting this pose energize you Cultivating some strength Into your downward dog hands come down Step the left foot back And this time instead of going to the Top of the mat just hang out in your Downward dog for a little bit longer We're going to reach our right leg up to The sky bend your right knee open up Your hip three like a dog get a nice Stretch here And second side right foot comes down Stretch that left leg up bend your left Knee open up your hip Set that left foot back down and let's Bring our knees down to the floor take An easy child's pose bring your hips Towards your heels I'm going to reach my Arms back behind me as I fold and bring My forehead down to the mat Oh Five deep breaths here These morning classes are an opportunity To set the tone for our day

I'm a big fan of choosing a one-word Intention So you can ask yourself what your Intention is today For me it's in the theme of the class It's calm connection For you it might be something else Foreign So while you're here grab a hold of your Heels with your hands into your rabbit Pose stretch you're just going to lift Your hips as high as you can get them Off the heels keep the tension here as You're holding on to your heels and There's really not a lot of weight on my Head I'm just stretching along the spine Such an underrated pose in my opinion And set your hips back down let's lift Up to take a seat In any way that is comfortable to you Here You can rest your palms hands on your Lap And if you have an intention that comes To mind Something that captures how you want to Feel today Try to hold that in your heart We'll bring our palms together closing Our practice by chanting om one time Let's inhale to chant breathe in Oh [Music] Thank you so very much for doing this

Short morning yoga flow with me I hope That you feel this essence of calm Connection and that you're a little bit Better prepared to take on your day Please Subscribe if you don't already Leave me a comment to let me know what Your intention is today and hopefully I'll practice again with you very soon

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