20 Minute Total Body Yoga (Tribute to Lesley)

Total body yoga workout tribute to Lesley Fightmaster practiced by Indy.
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If I master yogis I'm Indie fightmaster And I'm excited to announce that our Online yoga teacher training is finally Open for enrollment so if you're Interested in something like that click The link down below this was the last Project that my mom worked on before she Passed away so we'd really greatly Appreciate it if you checked it out And before we get into this video I just Want to let you guys know that this is My first time editing uploading and Filming a video all by myself So uh let me go let me know what you Guys think in the comments and uh let's Just get right into it You are about to practice total body Yoga welcome to fightmaster yoga sit up Nice and tall and close your eyes and Begin to lengthen your breath [Music] Bring your hands together Setting Our intention may your practice Help you to come into the present Moments And connect with your best self Everything you need is within you And then slowly make your way onto your Back hug your right knee into your chest Extend the left leg circling right ankle In One Direction and the other Inhale extending the right leg up and Just hold on anywhere along the leg to Stretch out your hamstrings gently draw

The right hip forward as you do You could also use a strap here if you Wish and then release that hug the left Knee in extending right leg out Circle Left ankle in One Direction And the other Extending the left leg up again hold on Anywhere along the leg to stretch out Those hamstrings as you gently draw the Left hip forward Relaxing shoulders relaxing the jaw keep Your breath nice and steady Releasing that and then hug both knees Into the chest extending the legs up so You can keep your knees bent or straight Arms alongside your body if it hurts Your back though put your hands Underneath your hips Gently pull your belly in and up exhale Right leg almost to the floor let it Hover Inhale lift it up Exhale the left leg let it hover just Above the floor Inhale to bring it up Again exhale the right leg let it hover If you have any discomfort in your low Back put your hands under the hips Inhale right leg up Exhale left leg hovers keep your belly Pulled in and up inhale left leg up Exhale again right leg almost to the Floor pull the belly in inhale lift it Up

And exhale the left leg almost to the Floor let it hover inhale bring it up Now we'll squeeze the legs toward each Other exhale a quarter of the way toward The ground inhale lift them up Exhale maybe about halfway ish toward The ground Inhale squeeze and bring them up Exhale bring them forward let them hover I don't know almost to the ground Inhale bring them up let's do that again Exhale maybe a quarter of the way to the Ground Inhale them up Exhale about halfway down pull the belly In and up Inhale and back up Exhale bring them down toward the floor But let them hover maybe 12 inches or so Add lifting head and shoulders if you Can Then inhale bring the legs up take your Arms out to the side either straight or Bend elbows exhale take them over to the Left look over the right shoulder take Them on an angle so they're moving Towards your left shoulder inhale Center Exhale to the right side looking left Take them on an angle so they're moving Toward the top of the mat inhale back to Center head Center Exhale back to the left and looking Right squeeze the legs take them over as Much as you can inhale back to Center

Remember take them on an angle exhale Over to the right and looking left from Really warming up and strengthening core Inhale back to Center And then take your feet to the floor Heels underneath arms alongside your Body inhale lift to bridge pose spiral The thighs in and exhale slowly lower Down vertebra by vertebra And once again inhale lift spiral the Thighs and length and your sitting bones To backs of knees neck long Exhale lower down Listen to the heels inhale to lift keep Lifting your hip points to your lower Ribs lengthening tailbone to backs of Knees exhale lower down Hug the knees into the chest gently Rock A little side to side and then back and Forth or you can roll to the right to Press up Then coming forward rolling forward Bring your wrists in front of your Shoulders turn your inner elbows forward Tuck the toes come to down dog maybe Walk your feet back a little so you can Get really long through your spine bend The left knee keep the right leg Straight and switch Make sure the arms are shoulders Distance apart and the feet are hips With bicycling the legs Bending the right stretching the left Now Bend both stretch way back keep your

Hips high and then reach the heels Toward the floor pull your ribs and Belly in turn your triceps back and your Biceps forward The arms and ears in line as you inhale Come forward to plank top of a push-up Exhale Knees Down shift forward about an Inch hug your elbows in lower to the Floor bring Hands by low ribs inhale Peel the chest up Tuck the toes Underneath up or down press to Plank and Lift back to down dog Stretching back here pull in through the Ribs and belly Steady your breath Look forward bend your knees and walk Your feet all the way up to the hands Then inhale hands to shins lengthen your Spine chest forward exhale keep the Length and fold but bend the knees as Needed then press down to rise up inhale Stretching nice and tall Ribs in exhale bring hands to Heart at The top of the mat feet together or hips Hip socket distance apart make sure the Outer edges of your feet are parallel From the legs lift the belly inhale Circle the arms up keep your ribs and Belly in exhale hinge from your hips and Fold forward on your inhale lengthen Look up as you exhale make your way to Plank pose knees can always be up or Down hug the elbows in chaturanga Shoulders no lower than elbows if you're

Only going halfway inhale press into up Dog or stick with Cobra then exhale down Dog Breathing here evening out your breath Keep your inhales and your exhales equal Draw your ribs and belly in and up Firm the legs and look forward bend the Knees and lightly step or hop then Inhale lengthen halfway lift exhale fold Forward press through your feet rise up Inhale long spine as you stretch tall Exhale bring the hands to the heart Again syriana mascara inhale sweep the Arms up Exhale hinge from your hip creases to Fold lengthening the spine inhale look Up halfway exhale step or float if you Float land with elbows bent inhale press Through the hands and feet exhale Stretch back downward facing dog Press down into the base of your fingers And lift through your forearms as you're Turning your triceps outer upper arms Back biceps forward press a little extra Into the thumb and First Finger sides of Your hands look forward bend the knees Lightly step or hop inhale lengthen the Spine Exhale and fold Press down to rise up inhale keep your Belly lifted exhale hands to Heart it Means steady balance inhale bend your Knees drop your hips chair pose exhale Belly to thighs and then straighten your

Legs look up inhale exhale step or float Remember land in chaturanga if you jump Inhale press to up dog or cobra Exhale to downward dog incidentally you Never have to jump back do what's best For you right leg lifts on your inhale Exhale hover the knee by the belly Forward Step It Up by the right hand Stay on the ball of your back foot as You come up bend the back knee tilt the Pelvis forward pull the right hip back And lengthen up reach through Arrow Straight arms for a breath Now hands to Heart lean forward and hook Your left arm across and twist keep Pulling your right hip back as you twist You can stay or take the right hand down I'm sorry left hand down right arm up Twisting here a little deeper Try and keep the hips level squeeze Outer hips and our thighs come back to Crescent then take your back heel down Line up heel to Arch open your arms for Warrior Two make sure your right knee is Over the ankle pointed straight ahead Drop your left arm reverse exhale bend Your right knee Inhale come up exhale windmill your arms Down come to Plank and lower chaturanga Inhale press up dog exhale stretch back Down dog Inhale floating the left leg up keep the Hips level exhale draw it in shoulders Over wrists inhale

Exhale stop it by the left hand stand The ball of your back foot as you rise Up to Crescent Bend the back knee tilt The pelvis forward pull your left hip Back draw your front ribs down and lift Up through the back ribs so you're Stretching through the Torso hands to Heart Lean Forward get length and then Hook your right arm across inhale Lengthen the spine pulling left hip back Can stay or exhale right hand down and Left arm up Draw shoulder blades toward the waist Keep the back leg firm Take another breath here Squeeze outer hips inner thighs as you Come back to Center on an inhale then Spin the back heel down line up heel to Arch exhale bend the left knee over the Ankle make sure it points straight ahead Right over the middle toes Lift the chest shoulder blades relax Then drop the right arm reverse exhale Bend your left knee stretch the side Body Inhale up exhale windmill the arms step Back to plank pose Chaturanga inhale up dog or Cobra it's Always your choice exhale to plank pose Hold it or lower halfway press up to Plank again and then lift it down dog Evening out your breath Remember you can always push pause take A child's pose rest anytime you need

Look forward keep the hips High Step or Hop up inhale lengthen Exhale fold On your inhale bend the knees drop the Hips reach the arms up sit back and then To stand some Masjid we're going to add Bakasana here so if you're not really Familiar with bakasana do the best you Can you can always be practicing this Again inhale bend the knees exhale bring The Palms down take the knees in toward The armpits pull the ribs and belly in a Lot shift your weight forward maybe one Foot will come up maybe both maybe none Keep lifting away from the floor with The belly and the upper back gaze Forward step or float to chaturanga Inhale press through hands and feet Exhale downward facing dog on your Inhale float your right leg back and up Exhale hover It Forward shoulders over Wrists inhale here Exhale step it by the right hand again Stay on the ball of the back foot for High lunge Pull the right hip back this time take Your hands interlace fingers behind your Back roll your shoulders open you can Stay right here or come into a little Back bend lifting the chest looking up Press your shoulder blades forward Towards your chest keep your belly Lifted come to Center stretch up Take your back heel down again line heel

To Arch and open Warrior Two this time Lean Forward right forearm to right Thigh or right hand down to little toe Side of foot or a block reach your left Arm over spin the tricep down Press the outer edge of the back foot Down lifting back inner thigh inhale Warrior Two as you exhale reverse make Sure that knee is still over the ankle This time straight in the front leg as You reverse come on up set up for Triangle if you like a shorter stance Shorten it hinge from your hip crease Get as long as you can and then take Your hand down to the shin foot floor or Block stretch to the left arm Keep pressing into the big toe mound of Your right foot and lengthen from your Right hip through the right armpit Bottom ribs moving forward top ribs back Take left hand to hip pick up a block Take it about a meter or so in front of You And then float your left leg up Your left hip lengthens toward the heel Or you can bend the left knee take the Little toe side of the foot and press Back chaprasana stretches out the front Of the leg hip flexor quad Keep the breath steady if you have the Foot release it Lightly bend the front knee slowly make Your way to Warrior Two breath in exhale Cart will the arms come to plank lower

Chaturanga inhale upward dog Exhale press back downward dog On your next inhale float your left leg Back and up from the inner thigh As you exhale Bring It Forward Press away from the floor use your belly Muscles to hold you inhale step it by The left hand stay on the ball of your Back foot high lunge bend the back knee Tilt the pelvis forward then straighten Through the back leg front ribs down Back ribs lift Sweep your hands take the other Interlace other pinky on top roll the Shoulder heads back stay or start to Look up pressing shoulder blades forward Toward the chest and widening your Collarbones but keep your front ribs Drawing in Come back to Center stretch up spin back Heel down line up heel to Arch might Need a little longer stance for warrior Two then Lean Forward left form to left Thigh or left hand down right arm up and Over parasana make sure your knee is Still over the ankle pointed straight Ahead press to the outer edge of the Back foot back inner thigh lifts Inhale come back to Warrior Two and Reverse your Warrior Inhale then inhale straighten the leg Keep reversing Exhale here come on up on your inhale

Set up for triangle pose hinge from your Front hip crease get really really long Through the side body take the left hand Down Shin foot floor block right arm up Now press into the big toe mound of the Left foot drawing your left sitting bone Under you and then stretch out your Spine from your left hip crease to the Left armpit bottom ribs move forward top Ribs back Firm your legs Take your right hand to your hip find That block take it about 12 inches in Front on the little toe side of the foot As you float your back leg up Lifting or Reaching Your Right sitting Bone toward the heel you can stay there Or bend the right knee taking the little Toe side of the foot and then pressing It back for chaprasana Opening the front of the thigh The hip flexor Slowly release the foot if you have it Bend the left knee hover a moment and Then Warrior Two make sure your knees Over the ankle then exhale windmill the Arms down through chaturanga Inhale press up shoulders over wrists Exhale stretch all the way back again to Downward facing dog Breathe here just a breath or two Then look forward lightly step or hop And sit grab a block if you have it Handy next to you line up your heels

Under the knees outer edges of feet Parallel inhale lift bridge Interlacing fingers rolling shoulders Under spiral thighs and lengthen sitting Bones to backs of heels if interlacing Fingers doesn't work for you grab the Sides of your mat and pull Lengthen your neck Lengthen your sitting bones to the backs Of the knees Release your hands lower down take a Hand on your heart center and a hand on Your belly And think of three things that you're Grateful for right now Bring your feet back down heels Underneath outer edges of feet parallel Lifting up and placing the block at the Base of the spine and then draw the Knees in lift the legs if you don't have A block you can lie on your back and Lift the legs that way Even out your breath this is a variation Of a pretty karate which helps to Stimulate a relaxation response in the Body as we begin cooling down Bend your knees release your feet back To the floor release the block roll down And then hug your knees to your chest Gently Rock a little side to side Now lift the legs up and hold them Behind your calves or down by your feet As you draw your legs in towards your Belly

Your shins towards your forehead So it's like being in a seated forward Fold but we're on our backs maybe grab Your feet grab anywhere along the legs Just a nice way to Stretch out your back And then bend the knees take the feet Back to the floor Take your hips off to the right and your Knees to the left if you want deeper Stretch cross right knee on top of left And look over your right shoulder as Long as that's okay with your neck Inhale back to Center Hips to the left knees to the right and Crossing left knee over right if you Want a deeper stretch and then look over Your left shoulder Turning the belly toward the ceiling Breathing deeply Relax through your shoulders relax your Jaw Come back to Center hug your knees in And then take happy baby hold on to the Little toe sides of the feet or the Ankles Drawing knees toward armpits but Lengthening sitting bones toward the mat And then bringing the knees in again Lengthen through the lower back take Your feet down draw your shoulder blades Toward the waist Let your feet flop Open Arms alongside With your palms up

Close your eyes Sink into your mats As you're settling in our quote today Comes from Anthony Robbins If we want to direct Our Lives we must Take control of our consistent actions It's not what we do once in a while that Shapes Our Lives But what we do consistently Your rest Remember Just in practice is wonderful for you Begin to make movements in the fingers And the toes lengthen your breath breath And stretch out through your arms and Your legs And then taking the arms down bend your Knees and roll yourself to your right Pause a moment to thank yourself for Taking your practice you did a great job Today Make your way to seed it sit nice and Tall bring hands together Taking the hands to the forehead Reminding us to have clear and Loving Thoughts Hands to Heart reminding us to have Clear and loving intentions And hands to the mouth reminding us to Have clear and loving Communications Sending positive energy out to all Beings everywhere Namaste The Light in Me recognizes Honors and salutes loves the light in

You So glad you joined me today

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