25 minute Loving-Kindness Yoga | Opening the Heart 💚 Space


Join Cole Chance for a 25 minute Loving-Kindness Yoga Flow where we’ll be opening the Heart 💚 Space. This is an all levels, beginner friendly yoga practice!

The Brahmavihārās are a series of four Buddhist heart practises and we cultivate them through: Metta (loving-kindness), Karuna (compassion), Mudita (empathetic joy) and Upekkha (equanimity).

Metta Mantra
May I be happy
May you be happy
May we all be happy

May I be at ease
May you be at ease
May we be at ease

May I know freedom
May you know freedom
May we all know freedom

I hope that you enjoyed this practice + I’ll see you on your mat next time!

Thanks in Gratitude,

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Foreign [Music] And in our physical practice we’ll look At heart openers and how to find some Expansion Um in our heart space And I wanted to introduce briefly it’s Such a big topic Um the heart practices the Brahma Vaharas which are Four qualities of the heart that the Buddha encouraged us to cultivate and Not to go out and get and Um take but their qualities of our heart That we already have that we kind of That have kind of been muddied a little Bit because life is hard so there’s Reasons why we kind of cover and guard And protect ourselves But to cultivate in terms of to Cultivate a relationship with again to Kind of Um Spit shine if you will Our hearts so that we can come more into These qualities and they are meta which Is loving kindness you may have heard of This one this is the one that we hear About the most karuna which is Compassion Mudita which I love which is a shared Joy sympathetic Joys like when we can be Happy for other people’s happiness And then the last one is equanimity

Upeka which is When we can stay sturdy-footed Even through life’s Ebbs and flows I’m not going to go through every one of These um today the whole course of Itself but just this idea and we’ll just Kind of look at meta just this idea of This loving kindness of an expanded Heart of our ability and remember in our Innate ability to have these qualities In us already and then how can we bring Them forth even more and it’s really Through it’s really through practice So a few metaphases we can use in the Beginning and the end and this is the Traditional way to practice Meta Even Though there’s many ways it’s offering Um kindness to Ourselves to others and to the whole World So We’ll do this together You can close your eyes down and let Your eyelids be heavy You can just repeat these phrases to Yourself or you can repeat after me May I be happy May you be happy And may we all be happy Maybe a hand on the heart may I Be at ease I’m imagining someone that you love may You be at ease And then widening may we all be at ease

May I know freedom May you know freedom And may we all know freedom Hmm Maybe you notice even just speaking These words and having this Visualization that there’s a little bit Of a quiver in the heart or a little bit Of hmm And maybe there’s not and that’s okay Too I’m just noticing Kind of keeping this In mind As we move through our practice today Hands to Heart Center Hmm Interlace the fingers We’re going to push the hands forward Get a big stretch of the hands and then Lift the arms up Bend to the elbows And pull the Heart Center forward as you Pull the elbows back a little bit So you may notice that the ribs begin to Come out and that’s okay but see what It’s like to pull the front ribs towards The back ribs and then open up the heart Instead of the rib so much just notice The difference And then to Exhale we’re going to twist Towards the right And the hands tint down on the floor Taking a Twist softening the elbows And then using the finger the pressure

Into the floor to help kind of twist you Around so isometric Um Support If you will And exhale release hands to Heart Center Interlace the fingers Push the hands forward chin to chest and Then inhale lift up soft Bend in the Elbows and see if you can draw the front Ribs back to the back ribs while still Lifting the Heart Center And then exhale twist towards the left Hands come down so maybe they’re both on The ground maybe one of them is on the Leg here twice steady breath Soft Bend in the elbows pull the Heart Center forward even here And exhale Against the Heart Center Tabletop Hmm And blocks or no blocks that is The question Your choice Take some cat and cow here And focus on the Heart Center how it Closes off as we curl in and how it Broadens and widens Across the collar bones across the Sternum As you come up And then bring the knees a little bit Wider and bring the toes to touch as you

Sink the hips back And sit on the heels I’m gonna take a Dancing camel here one of my faves So right hand behind so we’ve kind of Been in this twist a little bit left arm Up and back so we can stay right here Here’s an option you’ll pull the Heart Center forward And then reach the left arm back so You’re kind of reaching in both Directions here as if someone’s pulling Back Um from your fingers and pulling forward At the heart And then we’re going to swoop forward so You’ll lean over towards the right and The arms will kind of swoop and you can Lean down yeah To find yourself same place other side So there’s an arch in the back the Heart Center is being pulled forward as the Fingertips are being pulled back And we Bend in this standing arm here to Find some buoyancy And then we’ll move with breath and you Can widen this expression So exhale come low swoop forward and Come up on the other side if you’d like To lift the hips you can And then exhale swoop Your inhales open you up So continue at your own pace and go to Whatever variation That you’d like

Artistic Liberty is welcome so play Around Once more each side And release Hands To the blocks to the floor tuck the toes Shift the hips up and back downward Facing dog Steady breath Inhale the right leg lifts Bend both knees here so you have some Buoyancy and then exhale the thigh comes To the belly and that helps to puff up The back of the heart And then step through So it’s like that leg kind of helps to Lift us up the back knee plants and we Lift the arms up they just grow up as You unfurl Exhale the hands plant L shapes shift Forward Left leg lifts standing leg is bent pull Back on the right hip crease here So you have some buoyancy and then Exhale the left foot steps off the right Side of the mat curtsy pose waving the Arms back You can press into the pinky toe Edge Side of the foot I kind of like to come Up on that edge there Hearts pulling forward and then press Down through the feet the arms are Rotate open and lift up Side stretch here

Find buoyancy maybe wave the spine And then one leg Mountain so put the Weight into the right leg the left knee Is going to come up and in towards the Chest Gonna pull back on the left hip crease a Little bit And then bring the hands down by the Side as the left heel comes to the glute And grab for the tops the top of the Foot Pull the glute towards pour the heel Towards the glute as you shift the hips Forward And lift the heart there’s a bend in the Elbows You’re beginning to find A little bit of a heart opener here and Then maybe you imagine you kick into the Hands Hmm steady breath find some buoyancy in The standing leg And then slowly come into airplane So release the hands bring them to heart Center as the left leg extends long Pull up through the inner thigh the left Leg And then slowly slowly slowly step Towards the back of the mat the right Hands can come down to the mat or to the Floor Pyramid pose lengthen the front leg Inhale halfway lift And exhale press down through the hands

Maybe come to the front heel And drag the leg back downward facing Dog Let’s do this on the other side shall we Inhale left leg lifts And exhale the thigh presses into the Belly to puff up the back of the heart Step through in between the blocks the Back heel plant or the black knee Plants as it does lift up unfurl on Janae Asana And exhale hands come down to the blocks L shape so maybe move them up a little Bit We’ll back on the left hip crease lift To the right inner thigh Slowly step off the right side of the Mat we’re coming into curtsy pose Bend both legs wave the arms back so Lots of equal opposition here hips Pulling back heart pulling forward And then press down through the feet Turn the Palms up as you lift up into Side dancer here plant the back heel And find some movement in the body [Applause] Bend in the standing leg press down Through the left foot one leg Mountain Take a moment to get yourself centered Here arms lift And then exhale harms come behind the Back heel comes to glute grab the top of The foot So some options here you can pull the

Glute Towards Pull the heel towards the glute Staying here or alternatively you can Kick into the hands Wherever you are think about lifting not Only the heart space but think about Pubic bone lifting to the belly button Belly button lifting to the heart space Heart spacing lifting up to the throat All right transitioning now Slowly into airplane mode so airplane Mode into airplane extend the back leg Long hands to Heart Center Bend in the standing leg pull back on The left hip crease that can help your Balance And then slow step back to the back of The mat And then plant the hands down Pour forward pyramid let that feel good Release Inhale halfway lift And exhale pour Come to the front heel press down Through the hands and lift to pull the Back leg back Inhale wave forward plank pose And exhale the knees come down the Elbows soften and pull the Heart Center Forward we’re going to drip the pelvis Down so the heart comes last Forehead touches and lifts right back up Pubic bone presses down as the heart

Lifts up Tuck the toes pull the belly towards the Spine as you push back downward facing Dog All right Adding on inhale right leg lifts And exhale step in between the thumbs Back knee plants Unfurl lift open And exhale hands plant Inhale L shape bent standing leg And exhale curtsy pose wave the arms Back Inhale press down to lift up Big side stretch And then shift one leg Mountain Hands come behind and this time we’re Going to grab on the inside of the left Foot with just the left hand right hand Comes to the heart So not to rajasana And be sure that you have some buoyancy In The standing leg we’re going to kick Into the hand As the Heart Center pulls forward so Finding this counterbalance here this Can be just quite a gentle Opening or you can make it Quite expansive Steady breath lifting pubic bone to Belly belly to Heart And then slow step back Slowly slowly step back as the toes

Touch the hands can plant pour forward Pyramid Inhale halfway lift Press down to the hands around the upper Back and glide the right foot back Inhale wave forward plank pose exhale The knees drop pull the heart forward Bend the elbows let the pelvis melt down Maybe the knees are bent Forehead drops And inhale lift the heart up Really your choice here hips glide back Toes tucked downward dog One more full round of breath The inhale left leg lifts And exhale step in between the thumbs Back knee plants unfurl and lift Exhale hands plant shift them forward a Little bit L shape Exhale curtsy pose wave the hands back Press down lifts you up Big side stretch Press down into the left foot lift Yourself up one leg Mountain Full round of breath here And exhale moving into natural so catch The right foot on the inside left hand To the heart you can also bring it out You should maybe what your more used to And then begin to kick into the hand as You think about lengthening the front of The body pulling the whole front sheath Of the body up plooming up the heart The hand on the heart to me kind of

Helps to remind me that this is really Where the opening is not so much how High I can get the leg It’s about the heart Slowly coming out of this Lengthening the left leg back so you’re Kind of coming through that Warrior free And then as the foot plants the hands Plant and pull forward pyramid Inhale halfway lift And exhale press into the hands come to The front heel as you slide the leg back Down over a dog so One more Vinyasa here maybe bend the Knees and try this other variation Inhale wave forward Exhale the knees slowly drip as the Elbows Bend the pelvis melts forward heart Lifts So we’re sliding ourselves down bending The knee Exhale the forehead plants for just a Moment and then come into Cobra in the Front body maybe more of an upward dog Your choice Toes coming towards the back of the head And then we just kind of lever it back So the hips come to the heels The toes plant Downward facing dog that is so just an Option But can be fun Steady breath here

Wave forward This time bring the knees down and sit The hips back you have blocks you can Bring them back with you And going to take Ustrasana Camel pose So let’s come up Bring the blocks kind of down by the Ankles a little bit And imagine that you’re pressing the Thighs against a wall an invisible wall You have a little bit of an inner Spiral with both thighs Yeah a little bit of an inner spiral And take the hands behind the back you Can have the thumbs up if you’d like you Can also have the hands down like you’re Going to put your hands in Pockets so That can be your choice whether your Toes are tucked or untucked that’s up to You it makes the knee lay in a different Way so you just we all have different Knees you see What feels better to you so we’re Pushing the hips forward and really Thinking about lengthening the pubic Bone you can even take your hand pubic Bone to belly Belly to heart and kind of move it Across your skin a little bit that’s What we’re looking for not so much about How far we can go back we’re looking to Find a lot of opening in the front body

So begin to shift forward as you lean The heart back And maybe the hands come to blocks and You may need to shift them figure out Where it’s helpful Again thinking more about front of the Body front front of the body Thighs gluing towards the invisible wall And when you’re ready imagine that there Is a heart attached to a string attached To your heart and you’re being pulled up Slowly the head comes up last And then take a seat Notice the effects here Heart openers Really have this energizing quality on a Physical level You can also imagine that on an Emotional level as well Like how good it feels and how kind of Invigorated that we can be when We have moments of generosity of empathy Of love And then on a physical level you know You can really notice that opening as Well and that internal inner Energization is that a word I remember one of my teachers saying That Whenever we were in class I think we’re In like a 200 hour We’d all get really tired during Lectures and stuff and if we were like Nodding off she’d have us like go do

Some sort of back bins or heart openers Or something for this like energetic Quality and it did seem to work And let’s try one more time you can do That same variation you can also bring The hands down to the hips as well and I’ll show you another version that I Like to use to get into it though so Maybe one works better than the other So imagine that there’s a bar above you And imagine that you can do pull-ups Some of you may be able to I can’t but Grabbing on to this bar And the Heart Center is already kind of Coming forward here the hips are already Kind of coming back so see this kind of This S curve in my spine already So I’m going to pull myself up To the bar and as I do that the hips are Going to move forward So you can watch or you can do it with Me you’re going to grab onto the bar You’re going to begin to bend the elbows Maybe do it slow here find some buoyancy Bend the elbows and then pull your chin Up open the throat as the hips come Forward so now the arms are kind of like In the cactus arms You can bring them behind the back Good to feel your booty be sure that It’s on And maybe they come down towards the Heels And then we’re back in the same shape of

Pressing the thighs forward Lengthening that whole front sheath of The front body When you’re ready to come up Heart pulled up head last Sink the hips down and then feel in To the space to the energy Hmm Let’s just take a gentle twist to close So in sukhasana or on the knees it’s Fine and taking a Twist over towards the Right not as deep as you can go we’re Just kind of rotating the spine here a Little bit Give me a little love after it’s big Opening And switching sides I’m widening the knees a little bit Let’s just do some spinal swiggles Because they Never go wrong they never go out of Style And winding down Hmm bringing hands to Heart Center Pulling the heart towards the thumbs as The thumbs press back into the heart and Remembering that we have these internal Qualities already within us Loving kindness the ability to be Compassionate the ability to be joyful And the quality of also being steady And we can expand this So may I may you may we all be happy May I may you

May we all find ease And may I may you my may we all Know freedom Hmm pouring forward if that feels Appropriate and alive for you and thanks And gratitude Ah and a big exhale and a little wiggle Beautiful Thank you thank you for joining me I Hope that you enjoyed this class if You’re interested in the Brahma baharas And the Heart practices another name for Them I really encourage you to look them Up they’re just a big part of my Practice And I treat and Thailand soon and that Is the theme that’s gonna be gonna be Good So check them out and see how they can Expand your beautiful heart If you’re enjoying these classes I think That you’ll really love my membership Service ccy Studio where you can get all Of my premium content a wide variety of Classes and links and a book club as Well if you’re interested 14 day free Trial you can click the link above or The link in the description below and I’ll meet you on your mat

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