30 min Deep Stretch Yoga – SLOW & MELLOW

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Stretch everything out and improve flexibility with this relaxing slow yoga flow! This is a “slow & mellow” class to help you connect mind and body. There will be very little strength and effort required in this practice as all poses will be done either seated or reclined.

The most strenuous pose you can expect is downward facing dog. Most poses are suitable for intermediate students but I’d encourage everyone to give it a try. This is a practice to help you improve flexibility, bring some ease to your nervous system and relax fully.

You can expect poses like gate pose, pigeon pose, deer pose, happy baby and a long savasana. Enjoy!

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Yoga with Kassandra – Disclaimer
Please consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. By participating in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Yoga with Kassandra from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of Yoga with Kassandra’s negligence. #slowflow #yogawithkassandra #30minyoga

Hi everyone thank you so very much for Joining me my name is Cassandra and Today I'll be guiding you through what I'm calling a slow and mellow yoga Practice so this is really meant to be a Yoga class that will help you access Every little part of your body in a way That is very soothing physically as well As soothing emotionally mentally and for Your nervous system overall this is not At all a strenuous practice all the Poses are going to be done sitting or Laying down I think the most strenuous Pose that we'll have is downward facing Dog but there are no standing poses so Really great for flexibility really Great for stress release some of the Stretches in the poses might be a little Bit more geared for intermediate student But I'll try to make this as all levels As possible and I'm not using props in This class if you have blocks at home You you're welcome to grab a hold of Them you might want to use them for a Few of the poses and we're pretty much Holding every pose for about five Breaths or so So before I get into that I want to say A great big thank you to betterhelp for Sponsoring this video today betterhelp Is the world's largest therapy service And it's a hundred percent online with Better help you can access a network of Over 25

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For our hips and our low back noticing Where there might be tension in our Bodies And really grounding ourselves down into The Earth For this slow and mellow practice Use your time here as an opportunity to Connect with your breath Inhaling through the nose maybe counting Up to four or five When you exhale out the nose again for That same count And about three more breaths here And we'll be shifting from here into our Puppy pose stretch So you can push your hips lifting them Off of your heels Coming back through to all fours And bring your knees in so they're Aligned underneath your hips And we're going to walk our hands Forward keeping our hips lifted This time melting the chest down and Some people like to bring their chin Down to the mat or what I like to do Usually is to tuck in slightly so that It's my forehead resting Choose whichever variation is Appropriate for you here we're not here Too too long I just want you to feel the Heart melt down towards the mat drawing Your lower belly in And still finding that same steady Breath rhythm in and out through your

Nose And you might feel this a little bit More into your shoulders and armpits Maybe a little bit more through the Upper or mid back One more big breath in the pose and We're sliding onto our bellies coming Into Sphinx So once your hips connect Point through Your toes or reach long through your Feet roll your shoulders back Open through your heart as if you're Trying to pull it forward Lightly squeezing your shoulder blades Behind you So really not over straining ourselves In this practice And we'll be adding a thigh stretch to This you can do one of two ways the more Intense variation is to keep Sphinx pose And you're going to be bending your Right knee reaching back with your right Hand as you pull your heel in if you Feel this compress in your lower back Instead you're just going to let Yourself come down to the mat and then Work on pulling your heel in towards the Glute this way So either with or without a back bend But I want you to feel this nice thigh Stretch you'll need to push into your Pubic bone a little bit as you lengthen Your tailbone towards the back of your Mat so that you're really creating space

Through that lower spine Not causing any pinching And we'll switch to the other side So either with or without the back bend You're bringing your left foot in trying To bring that left heel towards the Glute keep pushing that left hip bone Down so you're not rolling over onto one Side Thank you And let's release pressing back hands And knees tabletop pose finding a low Lunge variation here you're going to Bring your right foot forward to the top Of the mat and just come up onto your Fingertips here my knees over my ankle I'm melting my hips forward and down I'm Rolling my shoulders back down and away From the ears And letting gravity pull my hips down a Little bit more So physically releasing tension So that we can better access and release Any mental and emotional tension as well Push into your right heel so you can Shift your hips back A variation of our half splits you're Welcome to just hold here I like to Bring my hips all the way down onto my Left foot and make this a passive Forward fold so I'm letting my spine Naturally round I'm getting a nice opening through the Back of our right leg

And gently stretching along our spine as Well in this forward fold Making it really nurturing and passive So there's no excess Tension Or strength being used And if you were in the variation that I'm in you need to lift your head and Chest up first come back so that your Hips are lifted and we're all going to Be bending into our right knee I want You to make sure you have your knee over Your ankle and we're doing a side low Lunge so I'm going to Pivot so that I Have my back foot the toes are now going To point towards the long edge of the Mat both of my hips both of my shoulders Everything is facing towards the left Side you can bring your left hand to Your hip right hand to the inside Of that right knee maybe pushing it open A little bit more And you're trying to sink your hips down Maybe see if you can close your eyes Focusing inward Push into your right foot straighten the Right leg and you're going to turn that Right foot in so it's parallel to the Top of the mat Gate pose left arm reaches up and over Big side body stretch here And continue to Circle that left hand All the way down roll pivot onto that Right heel and face the front of your

Mat again here bending into that front Knee let's make our way into pigeon pose So you're going to walk and crawl that Right foot over towards the left side of Your mat so that you bring your right Knee somewhere behind your right wrist I Have my shin kind of parallel to the top Of the mat but that might not work for You at home so feel free To have your heel closer in towards the Groin and do your pigeon pose this way One option is not better than the other It really just depends on how your hips Are feeling and also just your anatomy In general So make sure you're not rocking your Weight on one hip more than the other And I like to find a little back bend First by kind of pushing into my legs to Open up through the chest rolling Shoulders back Squeezing your shoulder blades behind You And then folding all the way down Holding pigeon pose for about five Breaths or so Trying to get really comfortable here See if you can relax your shoulders your Arms your upper back your neck Just melting into the floor Foreign More big Breath Right Here When using arm strength you can push Into the floor to start to lift up we're

Going to come into Deer pose from here So just let yourself Rock onto that Right hip and you can bend your left Knee so I have two 90 degree angles with My knees here and I'm going to wrap and Press that left hip back as I walk my Hands back here so we're looking for Some kind of sensation through that Inner left thigh and through the left Hip A big internal hip rotation You can Flex the feet as well Just kind of walking back in a diagonal Yeah walk the hands back in Facing forward let's find downward Facing dog Our first one so really take your time Here hands shoulder width distance apart Feet are hip width distance apart as you Step back and really aim to create space Through this pose So where can you lengthen a little bit More try to think of each joint so can You lengthen from your wrists to your Elbows from your elbows to your Shoulders from your shoulders all the Way down to your tailbone really Stretching through each vertebrae as you Curl your tailbone up Extending and lengthening through the Back of your legs Let's reach our right leg up towards the Sky bend your right knee open up your Hip three like a dog

Set that right foot down switch sides Left leg up Bend your left knee open up your hip And set it down table top pose and we'll Repeat the sequence over on the second Side starting with our low lunge A Variation of anjaniasana where we keep Our fingers down towards the mat Hmm Press your hips forward and down No tension in your neck here And let's go ahead and push our heel Into the ground so we can shift our hips Back choosing your variation of this Hamstring stretch either staying up nice And high and working on the fold from Here Or letting your hips rest on that right Heel and folding Letting your spine round I'm turning my Palms facing up so that I'm not pushing Or pulling Forcing my way into any kind of shape Foreign You might notice that one side feels Very different from the other This is not something that needs to be Judged or even necessarily corrected It's good to be aware of it And try to just meet your body where it Is Not trying to force the same experience To happen On each side

Adjust however you need to And if you were folded like what I'm Doing here now start by uncurling Lifting head and shoulders back up and We'll lift our hips off of that heel so We can all come back to having a deep Bend into that front knee for our side Low lunge you're going to Pivot so that You have your right toes pointing Towards the left side of your mat And then go ahead and lift on up so my Body the chest is facing over towards The right side of the mat right hand to Your hip left hand to the inside of your Knee to help push and open it wider as You press and sink your hips down This is a bit similar to a Warrior Two Stance We have our back knee grounded Into your gate pose straighten that left Leg Turn the left toes in and you're going To reach your right arm up and over you Can slide your left hand down the leg For support Big side body stretch here from the Right fingertips to your right hip And look down towards the mat continue To Circle that right hand down lift the Left toes off the ground And we're going to make our way into our Pigeon pose from here so you can just Kind of Wiggle that left foot over to The side

And bring your left knee somewhere Behind Your left hand remember you might have Your heel closer in towards you Or you might have a bit more of a Parallel Shin to the top of the mat Let's find a little back bend first you Can push your hands into that leg to Lift Really arching back you should be able To deeply breathe in and out through Your nose no breath restriction here And then fold over Think of stretching out of your lower Back so you're not compressing or Shortening here As you fold Five slow steady breaths [Applause] So we're moving slowly With our bodies just noticed If your brain is really active right now If you have a lot of thoughts If you're daydreaming or just Jumping from one thought to the other That's no big deal if that's what's Happening As much as possible just try to Anchor Your awareness back to your breath Or back to the physical Sensations in Your body Maybe just focus on your left hip That can be a really Simple but powerful way not to get too

Distracted And we'll be coming into our deer pose So you can lift your head and chest back Up and you're going to lean on that left Hip and left glute now so kind of just Roll over onto it and you're going to Bend your right knee so you have two 90 Degree angle bends in your legs here and I'm going to press and roll my right hip Back and I'm walking back in a diagonal Here until I get a nice stretch through That inner right thigh It doesn't totally matter what your left Leg is doing we're focusing a lot more On the right leg right now Through that deep internal hip rotation Not something we tend to do a lot of in Yoga Foreign We're going to find our downward dog Again from here Take your time you're going to step the Feet back hands shoulder width distance Apart Again can you lengthen a little bit more Thank you And now let's come forward into plank Pose just so we can transition and lower Onto our stomach so come all the way Down And you're going to do little spider Fingers like a wider variation of cobra Where you bring your hands off the mat Towards the top corners of the mat and

Keep your elbows lifted up as you push Your hands into the ground and really Lift and extend here push into the tops Of the feet think of pulling your heart Forward Well And release all the way down press your Hips back towards your heels Bring your left hand back behind you We're going to circle and reach that Right arm up and over press and lift Your hips up Kind of like a variation on Camel pose And circle it back down second side Right hand down left arm reaches up and Over Foreign Just take a moment here Stay resting on your heels stack your Palms on your lap close your eyes I'm breathing a little bit more softness And we'll come back into our wide legged Child's pose I want you to notice if it Feels any different than the first time You did it you might be able to open the Knees up a little bit wider walk your Hands forward melt on down Foreign Breaths here Try to relax your belly even more And let's walk our hands back in And we're going to slow things down even More Let's come down Asana a reclined bound

Angle or reclined butterfly pose So lower onto your back soles of the Feet together Knees apart And you can have your hands on your Belly or by your sides or even up Overhead Foreign Coming into happy baby from here And draw your knees in towards your Chest keep them open wide and maybe just Hang out here Full expression of the pose grabbing a Hole to have the big toes stacking your Ankles over your knees Push your tailbone into the floor so You're not lifting your seat off the mat And really relax through your neck and Your head Stay heavy and grounded here And I'm just giving this as an option if You like it you can also do another Variation where you straighten the legs Or maybe just straighten one at a time If it's too much leave it out I like to rock a little side to side And releasing back down coming into a Reclined Twist you can keep your right Knee in towards your chest and extend Your left leg out push into that left Heel and then you're going to cross your Right thigh over to the left reach your Right arm out All right

Let's see if you can keep your right Shoulder blade in contact with the floor It might lift up a little which is fine Or as much as possible encourage it to Press down Coming back through To center before we do this on the other Side just hold on to the back of your Right thigh and see if you can Straighten that right leg start by Flexing your right foot and then Pointing through your toes and just Alternating and doing this a few times Flexing and pointing And we'll release switching sides pull Your left knee in towards your belly Keep that right leg extended Out on the mat pushing your right heel Into the floor and we're going to twist So your left knee crosses over your body Towards the right and reach your left Arm out collarbones facing up Trying to stack your left hip over your Right one I'm releasing this twist Hold on to the back of your thighs Stretch that left leg up And flex into your left foot And then point through your toes And just go back and forth between the Two Another area that can really get Neglected One more

And let's release we are coming to Shavasana our final resting pose Take up some space let yourself get Comfortable and heavy So that you're really being supported Clothes in your eyes Bringing that Focus inward To what is present to you right now The problem We're not controlling our breath here Just breathe naturally And if you notice your mind wandering Or it's just busy and overactive It can be helpful to focus on the five Senses Maybe on what you can hear What you could smell what you can taste What you can feel And even just what you can see through The back of your eyelids Spending a few minutes right here Let's reawaken Stretch your arms overhead lengthen it All out Roll to one side Come on up to take a seat Sit up tall eyes closed hands at your Heart Closing this slow and mellow practice by Chanting om together one time Let's inhale to chance breathe in Oh Thank you so much everyone for doing This practice with me I hope you enjoyed

It and that you feel a lot more Comfortable in your body and just a lot More relaxed overall Please do leave me a comment before you Go make sure you subscribe and hopefully I will be meeting you on the yoga mat Very soon

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