30 min Morning Yoga for Beginners – CALM & GENTLE MORNING YOGA

A 30 minute morning yoga class suitable for beginners to wake up and stretch from head to toe.

Good morning everyone, welcome to my channel. I’ll be guiding you through a 30 minute gentle morning yoga class wonderful for beginners. This is a great sequence to do when you first wake up to get a boost of energy, to stretch the muscles in your body and to set the tone for the day ahead.

You don’t need any props for this class and we’ll begin with some reclined and seated yoga poses before moving in to some standing poses. If you’re new to yoga, remember that the most important thing is to stay focused on your breath. Don’t worry if you don’t get all the poses correctly or if you need to take a break. Be patient with yourself, do what you can and remember to relax.


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Good morning everyone welcome to my Channel my name is Cassandra and I'm Going to guide you through this 30 Minute beginner friendly morning yoga Practice so we're going to be moving Pretty slowly today this is meant to be A calm morning yoga practice so we're Not rushing and really just trying to Stretch our body from head to toe and Get ourselves in a proper mindset for The day no props are required like I Mentioned great for beginners and let's Begin laying down on our backs And you can have your legs stretched out And just starting in shavasana which is Normally how we end our Yoga practices So shrug your shoulders away from your Ears Palms facing up to the sky just taking Five breaths here As you let your body relax on the mat I like to use these morning practices as A way to set an intention for the day Ahead Taking time for yourself Connect with your body your breath And really inquiring into your state of Mind Take one more Full Belly breath here so That we're inhaling and exhaling through The nose And you can point through your toes Stretch your arms up overhead Really lengthen out here

And pull your right knee in towards your Belly you can keep your left leg Extended to the floor push down into Your left heel So I want you to really reach Starting to engage and lengthen through That left thigh and at the same time You're pulling your right knee in a Little bit closer relax Head and Shoulders on the floor try not to curl Up Foreign You can hold on to the back of your Thigh or the front of the shin Let's carry this into a Twist so you're Just going to guide your right knee Across your body towards the left side Of your mat I'm using my left hand to Help push it down and I'm reaching my Right arm out to the side trying to push My right shoulder blade into the floor So my chest is facing up yet at the same Time I'm trying to stack my right hip Above my left one Some nice spinal twists should feel Really good after sleeping Hopefully you had a great night's rest And now we can start to wake up our Bodies And bring your right knee back through To Center Bend your left knee so you Have your left foot flat to the floor And go ahead and grab a hold of your big Right Toe with your two-piece finger

Piece fingers this is a half happy baby Variation of Ananda balasana so my ankle Is over my knee and I'm using my elbow To push and press my knee away from me At the same time dragging that thigh Down and I'm letting my left knee and Thigh kind of just flop over to the side So I have a little bit of a Counterweight here Really checking in to see how our hips Are feeling And depending on your range of motion And your flexibility you might even be Able to straighten your right leg you Can play a little bit with the degree of Bend that you have in this right knee But regardless of how deep you're going In this pose I want you to keep your Breath slow and steady in and out Through your nose And we're going to cross our right ankle Over the top of this left knee flexing Through the foot and you can reach Through with your arms to pull that left Knee in towards your chest So getting deeper into our glutes and Through the outer hip Again head and shoulders are relaxed on The mat And give it one last big squeeze Foreign Harder stretch you can choose how deep You want to go into it but I do like to Do this in the morning wrap your right

Thigh completely over the left one so I Have my right knee and my left knee Stacked one on top of the other and then You can either just pull your knees in Towards your chest or if you're able to Grab a hold of your feet with your hands And you want to move your feet away from Each other at the same time pulling them Down So this is a reclined variation of Gomukhasana our cow face pose Sometimes also called knee pile pose It is pretty intense so don't worry if This feels tricky It's here for one more breath And let's unwrap the legs straighten Your legs out in front of you once more Reach your arms up overhead lengthen From fingertips down to your toes And pull your left knee in towards your Belly keep your right leg extended and Straight push into your right heel so Just a little bit of a thigh stretch Here Foreign Through that right leg as you can This is great to do especially if you'll Be sitting down a lot today Then you can move it into a Twist so Your left knee crosses over towards the Right side of your mat maybe with the Help of your right hand pressing it down And you can extend your left arm out to The side pushing that left shoulder

Blade into the floor so collar bones Face up and hips face over to the right Foreign Let's bring that knee back in coming Into our variation of half happy baby Bend your right knee so you have your Foot flat to the mat and you're going to Lift and stack your ankle over your knee Maybe holding on to your big toe with Your two piece fingers and you can use Your elbow and your form to push that Knee open wider at the same time Dragging it down and you can let your Right thigh kind of flop over here We're trying to keep our weight evenly Distributed through both hips and both Shoulders so you're not rolling on one Side more than the other And you can play again here with the Degree of the bend in that left knee Some of you might want to play around See if you can straighten that left leg No big deal if it's not going to Straighten today As long as you're feeling some sensation Throughout the back of the leg and Through the inner thigh you're doing Just fine The benefit of the pose is the same Regardless of how deep you're going into It And finding our reclined pigeon pose Left ankle crosses over the top of your Right knee flexing through that foot

Reach through with your arms and pull That right thigh into your chest Again Head and Shoulders stay relaxed Not too much arm strength here Keep squeezing that in and our last Reclined pose is going to be that Variation of gomukasana or knee pile so You can over cross left thigh over the Right one so your knees are kind of Stacked one over the other and maybe Just make this easier on yourself Working on pulling your knees in towards You or you can grab a hold of your feet Moving your feet away from one another And then pulling down And one more little squeeze here And release let's rock up table top pose Onto hands and knees Crossing your ankles And just walk yourself back so you have Your hands under your shoulders your Knees underneath your hips and just cat And cow from here nice and simple as you Inhale you're going to drop your belly Curl tailbone up lift your gaze Exhale reverse this motion push the Floor away from you broaden through your Upper back chin to chest and just keep Going in and out of these two poses Inhale And exhale Three more like this Trying to really articulate this motion All along your spine

One more And coming back to a neutral table top Pose I want you to strengthen and engage Through your abdominals here you're Going to extend your right arm above so You have your bicep along the ear thumb Is pointing straight up and just feel How you really need to engage through That left shoulder Push into the floor Draw your lower belly in this is a small Movement but it does build up some heat Pretty quick And right hand comes back down just Switching sides really simple left arm Extends forward notice if you drop your Belly and curve through your lower back Try to keep your chest still facing down Towards that core is strong Still breathing left hand down this time Right leg straightens up and back roll Your right hip down so the front of your Thigh is still facing the floor as is Your kneecap and your toes you're Flexing into your foot as if you're Pushing against the wall behind you Squeezing through your glutes set that Right knee down second side left leg Lifts up roll the left hip down draw Your lower belly in Try to push evenly through both hands Notice where you're placing your body Weight here Simple does not always mean easy

And let's bring that left knee back down From here you're just going to tuck your Toes underneath you and see if you can Start to press your hips back so Especially first thing in the morning This might be really tight and really Stiff so you might just hang out here Some of you might be more comfortable Sitting all the way up Resting on your heels So you can really decide how much weight And how much pressure You're comfortable putting here And let's release point the toes back Shake it out we're gonna step our right Foot forward to the top of the mat Making sure that your right knee is Aligned over your ankle and you might Need to wiggle your back knee and leg Back a little here just get nice and Comfortable rolling your shoulders down And away from your ears and broadening Lifting up through your chest Hmm Just melt your hips forward and down I'm really getting into our hip flexors Here Now you can tuck the back toes under Again just so you can lift your back Knee off the mat plant to your left hand Palm is flat to the floor and you're Going to reach and extend your right arm Up to the sky into this twist my right Shoulder is aligned over my left one

Maybe looking up if it's comfortable Otherwise look down Set your right hand back down framing Your front foot and we're going to find Our first downward facing dog so step The right foot back to meet the left my Hands are shoulder width distance apart My feet are about hip width distance Apart please don't worry about having Your heels touch the mat or having your Legs super straight Especially in the morning we tend to be A little bit tighter a little bit Stiffer I want you to instead focus on the Lengthening through your arms Lengthening along your spine relaxing Your neck and your head And curling your tailbone up towards the Sky as you lift your seat up even higher Now sticking with the right side from This downward dog you're going to reach Your right leg up towards the sky bend Your right knee open up your hip Big Stretch here and we're going to step That right foot forward in between the Palms so back into a variation of a Lunge feet are hip width distance apart This time we're lifting up into our high Lunge Hmm Palms facing in towards one another so I'm bending my back knee because if I Have my legs straight I tilt a little

Bit too much in my lower back and Through my pelvis Pulling the lower belly in Bring your hands together at the front Of the heart Straighten your right leg and just bring Your back foot in a little bit a couple Inches so you can ground your heel my Back foot is at about a 45 degree angle My right toes are pointing forward Hands at your heart lift and lengthen And as you exhale hinge forward until You're about halfway down This is a challenging pose if you need To bend into your right knee that's Totally fine Take one more breath And fold down hands can come down either To your shin or down to the mat Just getting deep into our hamstrings Here Start to bend a little into your front Knee and we're going to find our table Top pose again from here so left knee Comes down and I'm stepping the right Knee back to meet it Realign yourself so you're in your table Top stance from here shoulders over your Wrists hips over your knees and we're Going to take three rounds of cat and Cow again so inhale drop the belly lift The Gaze curl tailbone up Exhale round and contract chin to chest Two more here inhale

Last one Coming back to neutral let's step our Left foot forward to the top of the mat Finding our variation of anjiniasana or Low lunge my left knee is stacked over My ankle and I'm just staying up on my Fingertips here as I'm melting my hips Forward and down Hmm Keep lots of space through your neck by Rolling your shoulders back And lifting up through the crown of your Head You can tuck the back toes under so that You can lift your back knee off the mat Plant your right hand to the to the Ground here so my hand is under my Shoulder and I'm going to extend my left Arm up overhead So we're reaching long here Stay strong through your legs into your Downward facing dog Left hand comes back down step the left Foot back Feet are hip width distance apart and Already you might notice that there's a Little bit more space here in our second Downward facing dog Curl tailbone up towards the sky draw Your lower belly in and this time left Side so our left leg reaches up to the Sky bend your left knee open up your hip Big thigh stretch here before stepping Our left foot forward again in between

Our palms to the top of the mat we're Coming into our high lunge so you really Need to activate and push into the Ground to lift your upper body up I'm Bending into my back knee so I can bring That tailbone under and draw the lower Belly in Arms Reach up Using this flow to set your intention For the day Bring your hands to your heart Straighten your left leg and just bring That back foot in a little bit so that You can ground all four corners down my Back foot is at a 45 degree angle Lift and lengthen and then tilt forward Until you're about parallel to the Ground or so Strengthening and activating through That left leg Trying to keep your hips squared And go ahead and fold down fingertips Can come to the mat or you can just hold On to your left leg And letting go So instead of stepping back and going to Tabletop this time Bend into your left Knee and just step your right foot to Meet the left widen your feet towards The edges of the mat bend your knees as Much as you'd like here and just hold on To your elbows rag doll fold I like to Sway a little side to side So getting deeper into our hamstrings

But also decompressing along the spine Letting your head be super heavy Let's all take that cleansing breath so I want you to inhale through the nose And a big sigh out the mouth so Breathing in Letting go of any tension Fingertips can come down to the floor go Ahead and bend your knees and carefully Lower down in order to take a seat we'll Come into a butterfly forward fold so The soles of your feet can come together To touch knees Fall Apart And you can decide how close you want to Have your heels in towards the glutes Here and use your piece fingers to wrap Around your two big toes and we're going To do a little cat and cow from this Pose so as you inhale I want you to feel Your chest lift up and you're squeezing Your shoulder blades behind you looking Up And as you exhale round and contract Chin to chest Two more like this inhale And exhale curl in Last one inhale open through the heart Exhale round and contract And come back to a neutral spine and We're going to fold forward I'm making This a very passive forward fold meaning I'm not pushing I'm not pulling I'm just Going to bring my hands out in front of Me and I'm letting gravity pull me into

The stretch Not forcing my way there I'm letting my Spine round totally fine So really just try to relax and settle In this pose Three deep breaths in and out through Your nose And when it comes to setting intentions For the day I love to just choose one Word keeping it super simple What is one word that captures how you Want to feel today What you need to focus on what is Important to you Laughs And go ahead and walk your hands in to Slowly lift back up And you can use your hands to help lift Your knees and just go ahead and widen Your feet so the feet are flat on the Floor mat with distance apart and you Can have your hands back behind you just To support and prop you up here go ahead And flex your feet so only your heels Are touching and you're going to drop Both knees and thighs over towards the Left and I want you to really think of Pushing that right knee down and instead Of continuing to roll and face over Towards the long edge of the mat imagine You can push that right hip down and Imagine you're trying to twist your body Over to the opposite side And this kind of stretch will feel

Different from person to person some People don't really feel anything for me This is very intense through my outer Right hip and glute Everyone is different here And go ahead and lift the knees back up And go to the other side so drop them Over to the second side and this time I'm trying to emphasize pushing my left Seat down and I'm almost trying to Rotate over to the left Foreign Lifting back up Let's cross out the Ankles tabletop pose so we can make our Way into our puppy stretch So giving our upper body a little bit More attention from here so for puppy Pose I'm keeping my hips as they are Over my knees and I'm walking my hands Forward to melt my chest down and I'm Relaxing my arms so my elbows stay in Contact with the floor So it's my forearms down on the mat as Well as my forehead and I'm trying to Push my chest down so we're really Stretching Through your shoulders through your Chest through your upper back In yin yoga this is also sometimes Called melting heart pose and that's Really what we're trying to Envision Can you melt the space of the heart Closer towards your mat Foreign

Let's come forward onto our bellies so Keep your forearms on the mat and just Send your hips out so hips come down Lifting Your head lifting your chest roll your Shoulders down and away from your ears Sphinx pose Another nice little back bend here And breathe deeply into your belly And we'll find our way to balasana Child's pose so you can lower down first And use your palms to push into the Floor to lift back up and you're going To bring your big toes together to touch Your knees go as wide as you would like Them to as you press your hips back Towards your heels and just fold on down So a good five to ten breaths here Really trying to let gravity do as much Of the work for you as possible Making this a passive pose where there Is as little effort required on your Part As you can So you can turn your focus and your Attention inwards Really curious as to what you need from This day Foreign Two more breaths here And we'll rise on up walk your hands Back Just come to take a seat so you can sit Any way that works for your hips and for

Your knees and your lower back We'll just do a little neck rolls or Head rolls I guess so you can drop one Ear towards one shoulder and very slowly Just turn little half circles so you Bring your chin to your chest And then the other ear to the other Shoulder And just go back and forth here so I'm Not leaning my head back I'm really just Doing these half circles Noticing where there might be areas of Tension Notice if you're slouching or moving Through your spine try to really isolate This in your neck You can finish up whichever round you're Doing We'll all meet lifting the head back up And through to Center you can close your Eyes So for morning classes I usually choose to end Sitting as opposed to lying down in Shavasana Just so you don't fall back asleep So for about 10 breaths or so here I Want you to Simply rest in Awareness in Silence Just flowing in and out with your breath Foreign Word intention For the day And we'll bring our hands together at

The front of the heart in prayer And to set this intention for the day And to close our practice together let's Chant om one time inhale to chant Breathe in Oh Thank you so very much for practicing With me and for doing this roughly 30 Minutes or so morning yoga practice I Would love to know what your one word Intention is and just in general how This class went for you Please Subscribe if you don't already And hopefully you'll tune in with me Tomorrow morning to begin your day with More morning yoga

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