3C4G Celestial Yoga Mat Review

Introducing the 3C4G Celestial Yoga Mat & Carrying Strap – the perfect companion for young yogis. Designed specifically for girls, tweens, and teens, this 24-inch wide by 60-inch long yoga mat offers an ideal space for stretching, meditating, and relaxation. With its captivating celestial design, it encourages your young ones to step away from screens and engage in calming, healthy movements. This yoga mat is easy to store and carry, coming with a convenient hook and loop strap, making it perfect for use at home, in the studio, or even at the park. Suitable for ages 6 and up, it makes a wonderful gift for any occasion, inspiring self-expression and physical activity. Have you ever wondered how to get your kids to enjoy a bit of physical activity while finding their inner Zen at the same time? The “3C4G Celestial Yoga Mat & Carrying Strap – Kids Yoga Mat – 24′ x 60′ Purple Yoga Mat for Girls, Tweens & Teens Ages 6-8-10-12-14-16 by Make It Real” might just be the perfect solution for your family.

3C4G Celestial Yoga Mat  Carrying Strap - Kids Yoga Mat - 24 x 60 Purple Yoga Mat for Girls, Tweens  Teens Ages 6-8-10-12-14-16 by Make It Real

Click to view the 3C4G Celestial Yoga Mat  Carrying Strap - Kids Yoga Mat - 24 x 60 Purple Yoga Mat for Girls, Tweens  Teens Ages 6-8-10-12-14-16 by Make It Real.

Product Overview

Calling All Yogis

Whether your daughter is a beginner or has been practicing yoga since preschool, this die-cut yoga mat for kids provides the Zen she needs! This product offers a supportive and comfortable space for her yoga practices, ensuring she remains engaged and encouraged through her sessions.

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Perfectly Sized

The yoga mat measures 24 inches wide by 60 inches long, making it just the right size for kids, tweens, and teens who wish to stretch, meditate, or relax. The celestial design is a lovely touch, making the mat visually appealing, especially for girls.

Easy to Store & Carry

The convenience of this mat is further enhanced with its hook and loop strap, making storage simple and portability a breeze. Whether you’re using it at home, in the park, or taking it to the studio, this carrying strap makes transportation easy.

Get Girls Moving

This yoga mat encourages girls and teens to step away from electronic devices and engage in physical activities like practicing their favorite yoga poses, doing light stretching, or engaging in deep breathing exercises — thereby promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Perfect for Ages 6+

The mat is designed to encourage self-expression at an early age. It makes an excellent birthday, holiday, or any-time gift for children ages 6 and up who enjoy yoga, stretching, and creative movement.

Key Features

Size and Design

With its dimensions of 24 inches by 60 inches, the yoga mat provides ample room for kids, tweens, and teens. The celestial design not only makes it enjoyable but also cool and trendy, thus naturally attracting younger users.

Material and Comfort

The mat is crafted from a comfortable yet durable material designed to last. This soft and supportive surface is perfect for kids to practice their poses without risking discomfort or slipping.


Thanks to its hook and loop strap, carrying and storing the yoga mat is extremely easy. Just roll it up, secure it with the strap, and you’re good to go. This feature is especially useful if your child participates in yoga classes outside the home.

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Encourages Physical Activity

One of the best benefits is the encouragement of kids to engage in physical activity. Balancing on the yoga mat enhances their stretching, breathing, and posture skills while keeping them away from screens.

Breaking Down the Information

Below is a table breaking down key features to provide an at-a-glance understanding of the product:

Feature Description
Dimensions 24 inches wide x 60 inches long
Design Celestial screen printed design
Material Soft and durable for comfort and longevity
Portability Equipped with hook and loop carrying strap
Target Age Designed for ages 6 and up
Encourages Physical activity, mindfulness, and relaxation

Detailed Breakdown

Dimensions and Design

When it comes to kid-friendly yoga mats, size matters. The 24-inch width gives enough room for stretching out comfortably, while the 60-inch length ensures even tall tweens and teens can use the mat easily. Girls, especially, will appreciate the celestial design, which makes exercise feel more like an enjoyable activity rather than a chore.

User-Friendly Material

The material used is both soft and durable. This balance is crucial because it means the mat is comfortable but can also withstand the wear and tear of regular usage. The non-slip surface ensures safety during poses and stretches, which is particularly important for beginners.

Easy Storage and Portability

If you’re concerned about storing yet another piece of sports equipment, worry no more. The included hook and loop strap makes storing and carrying this yoga mat straightforward. This strap ensures the mat remains rolled up tight and can be easily transported whether you’re heading to a local yoga class or just moving it from room to room.

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Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the standout advantages is how this yoga mat promotes physical activity and mental wellness. At a time when electronic devices can dominate kids’ attention, having an appealing yoga mat can encourage them to step away from screens and engage in beneficial physical exercise.

See the 3C4G Celestial Yoga Mat  Carrying Strap - Kids Yoga Mat - 24 x 60 Purple Yoga Mat for Girls, Tweens  Teens Ages 6-8-10-12-14-16 by Make It Real in detail.

User Experience

Enhanced Engagement

One of the most noticeable benefits parents have observed is the increased engagement in physical activities. Kids find the celestial design appealing, which motivates them to use the mat regularly. The mat not only serves as an exercise tool but also turns yoga into a fun and engaging activity.

Positive Feedback from Parents

Parents have positively highlighted how this mat helps their children take more interest in physical exercise. They appreciate the balance of comfort and durability and the fact that they can carry it around effortlessly. The general consensus is that it’s a practical, fun addition to their kid’s daily routine.

Kids Love the Design

The celestial design has been a hit among users. It adds a touch of magic and fantasy, making the yoga experience far more enjoyable for kids. The visual appeal is often the first thing children notice and love about this mat.


The “3C4G Celestial Yoga Mat & Carrying Strap” is a fantastic option for encouraging young girls to engage in physical activity and mindfulness. With its perfect size, appealing design, and portability, it stands out as a top choice for kids who enjoy yoga or are just getting started. Encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle has never been easier or more appealing. Namaste!

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