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If you are looking for a versatile and durable exercise ball, the BalanceFrom Anti-Burst and Slip Resistant Exercise Ball is an excellent option. With its anti-burst and slip-resistant features, this fitness ball is perfect for yoga, Pilates, birthing, and other workouts. It comes with a quick pump and can hold up to 2,000 pounds, making it a safe and effective choice for your home gym.

Here are some reviews from customers who have purchased and used the BalanceFrom Exercise Ball:

Customer review 1

“I got this exercise ball when I was pregnant and I liked it a lot. It is sturdy and durable, the perfect size, and it helped me stay active. It was also easy to inflate and deflate. I wanted to inflate it and use it again, but I lost the tip that plugs the hole and I am not sure if I can order this piece alone. Customer service, can you help me?”

Customer review 2

“I’m 5’9 and currently 223 lbs. I got the largest size as I have long legs. Pumping takes a while, and there are no instructions, so I wasn’t sure how much air I should use, but once I got it filled, it’s pretty sturdy and is the perfect size for me.”

Customer review 3

“My husband says it’s the size stated. I bought the blue (Large) and the pink (XL), but they both were not the size I needed. We are both 6’0 and needed a big/tall workout ball. This made me think maybe large and XL are for kids? Idk, I am keeping the blue one because it does work for other purposes. Don’t get me wrong though, those are great workout balls. Great quality and very comfy, but hard to find the size I needed.”

Customer review 4

“Bought 34″ (XXL) and it’s BIG (but so am I). I found blowing it up by mouth was faster than the little pump, but glad I had the pump for the end. Also bought a bosu ball, which I find ‘easier’ marching on than sitting on this (and not falling over), but both together using YouTube videos are more challenging than I ever thought. I use them on a carpet so falling off isn’t too painful (old, retired, slothfully inactive, and it shows).”

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Customer review 5

“What I dislike the most is that the intake valve sticks out after inflating. Maybe I’m doing something wrong because I can’t push the valve in, so it protrudes, which makes the ball awkward to use. Also, the logo on the ball is backward, which makes the product look inferior. For now, I can make do with it for the exercise I need it for. Otherwise, I would return it. If anyone knows how to push the valve in, I’d appreciate your tips. Thank you.”

Overall, the BalanceFrom Exercise Ball has received mostly positive reviews from customers. While there are some concerns about sizing and valve protrusion, the majority of customers appreciate the ball’s durability and slip-resistant features. If you are interested in purchasing an exercise ball for your home gym, the BalanceFrom Anti-Burst and Slip Resistant Exercise Ball is definitely worth considering.

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Product Description

BalanceFrom Anti-Burst and Slip Resistant Exercise Ball is a safe and durable fitness ball that can handle up to 2,000 pounds of weight. This ball is made with thick and durable materials to provide you with a safe experience while working out. The commercial-grade material ensures that the ball is slip-resistant, guaranteeing that you won’t slip or hurt yourself while using it.

Anti-burst and Slip Resistant

The Anti-Burst feature ensures that the ball will not rupture, even when under pressure. The Slip Resistant feature is perfect for any floor type, as the ball won’t roll away from you while working out.

Easy to Clean

The BalanceFrom exercise ball is easy to clean with just a soft damp cloth. This means you can easily clean it after use without any hassle. The fitness ball also does not contain phthalates or heavy metal elements, ensuring that it’s safe for you to use.

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Extras and Size Options

A free foot-pump is included with your purchase of the BalanceFrom exercise ball. The different size options, from small to XXL, make it easy to find the perfect fit for you.

Material Type

BalanceFrom Anti-Burst and Slip Resistant Exercise Ball is made of composite material, ensuring that the ball is both durable and long-lasting.

Some customers have expressed concerns about the valve protruding and the logo’s backward placement. Others have enjoyed the easy setup and excellent quality. It may take some trial and error to find the right size, but with its various sizing options, the BalanceFrom exercise ball is a great investment for any fitness enthusiast.

BalanceFrom Anti-Burst and Slip Resistant Exercise Ball Yoga Ball Fitness Ball Birthing Ball with Quick Pump, 2,000-Pound Capacity

Positive Reviews

BalanceFrom Anti-Burst and Slip Resistant Exercise Ball has received plenty of positive reviews. Many people have found it to be sturdy, durable, and versatile. Here are some of the things customers have praised about the product.

Sturdy and Durable for Pregnancy Use

One customer used this exercise ball during their pregnancy and found it to be a great aid for staying active. They appreciated the sturdiness and durability of the ball. Even after the pregnancy, they wanted to use the ball again but lost the tip that plugs the hole. They were happy with the product and looking for support to purchase the lost piece.

Thick Material and Grips on Carpet and Wood

Another customer noted that the ball is made with thick and durable materials, making it resistant to bursting. Additionally, the commercial-grade material provided an excellent slip-resistant experience, making it safe to use on carpet or wood floors.

True to Size with Handy Tape Measure

The customers were impressed with the accuracy of size of these exercise balls. One person appreciated the handy tape measure, which helped them find the perfect size. Another customer said that although the ball is true to size, it took them three days to inflate it fully. However, they were happy with the end result.

In summary, the BalanceFrom Exercise Ball is a great addition to anyone’s fitness gear. The positive reviews show that many people have found it to be a durable, versatile, and useful aid for their workouts.

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Negative Reviews

Air Leak and Difficult Pump Use for Pregnancy

One user found that the exercise ball had an air leak and needed frequent refilling. They also had difficulty using the included foot pump during pregnancy. It is important to note that using a pump may be more challenging during pregnancy due to limited mobility and should be done with caution. It may be advisable to consider using an electric pump or seeking assistance.

Intake Valve Sticks Out and Backwards Logo

Another user expressed their dissatisfaction with the intake valve, which stuck out after inflating the ball, making it awkward to use. They also mentioned that the logo on the ball was backwards, which made the product look inferior. If you experience similar issues, it may be best to contact the manufacturer or customer service to request assistance.

It is important to note that while some users had negative experiences with the product, others found it to be of great quality and value. It is always advisable to carefully read the product description and user reviews before making a purchase to ensure that it meets your needs and expectations.

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Overall Pros and Cons

Are you looking for an exercise ball that offers both safety and convenience? The BalanceFrom Anti-Burst and Slip Resistant Exercise Ball might be the perfect fit for you. The exercise ball is created using thick and durable materials, ensuring that it is anti-burst and slip-resistant. The phthalates-free fitness ball is easy to clean and provides an excellent slip-resistant experience while ensuring your safety. Additionally, the exercise ball comes with a free foot pump to help you quickly inflate it.

However, some buyers criticized the air pump. One buyer stated that it did not work for them, and they had to blow air into the ball using their mouth, while another buyer suggested using a small compressor instead of the foot pump included.

Recommendation and Possible Improvements

Overall, the BalanceFrom Anti-Burst and Slip Resistant Exercise Ball is a great product that meets the needs of most users. The different size options of the exercise ball make it convenient for various users of different heights. The ball’s material is firm, thick, and durable, ensuring that it can handle up to 2,000 pounds.

To improve the product, the manufacturer can include clearer instructions on how much air to use when inflating the exercise ball. Another improvement suggestion is to improve the air pump included in the package. Despite the air pump’s inefficiencies, the product remains a valuable addition to your workout gear and is recommended for all fitness enthusiasts seeking an affordable and durable exercise ball design.

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