Beginners Yoga Series: 10 Easy and Important Yoga Poses for Beginners at Home Level 1

Beginners Yoga Series: 10 Easy and Important Yoga Poses for Beginners at Home Level 1 – These 10 easy yoga poses will be the perfect series to start yoga with if you are looking to start your yoga journey.

These 10 yoga poses for beginners will be useful to improve balance, and strength, stretch back muscles, open hips, and stretch hamstrings as well as give deep relaxation to your body. In this series we will practice the following asanas:

00:00 Intro
00:06 1. Tadasana – Mountain Pose
01:15 2. Vrikshasana – Tree Pose
02:50 3. Natrajasana – Dancing Shiva Pose
04:15 4. Parivrtta Utkatasana – Revolved Chair Pose
05:13 5. Virabhadrasana I – Warrior I Pose
06:08 6. Virabhadrasana II – Warrior II Pose
08:00 7. Ashwa Sanchalanasana – Equestrian Pose
09:03 8. Bhujangasana – Cobra Pose
09:47 9. Kandharasana – Shoulder Pose
10:41 10. Savasana – Corpse Pose

Tadasana – Mountain Pose
Tadasana is a simple standing pose that is a great way to get the body ready for other poses. It’ll create more space in your spine and allow you to move around with more ease.

Vrikshasana – Tree Pose
Tree pose is a hard pose to master, but the process of doing so requires balance & muscle toning. Moreover, it’s not just about the physical benefits; it improves your self-esteem too.

Natrajasana – Dancing Shiva Pose
Natarajasana, which is derived from the classical Indian dance Bharatnatyam and was depicted in temple statues in the past, is a yoga asana that stands for meditation and exercise today. It is an asana that works for your back, forward-bend stretch, and building balance.

Utkatasana – Chair pose
Chair Pose Utkatasana is a standing balance yoga posture that tones the whole body, especially the thighs! The positioning of this asana is just like sitting on a chair except that you need to balance without props. This asana increases stability and brings balance to your body and mind. And strengthen your thigh muscles.

Virabhadrasana I – Warrior I Pose
Warrior 1 or Virabhadrasana 1 is a standing yoga pose that stretches the whole front side, while also strengthening your thighs, ankles, and back. It requires balance and coordination skills, so it helps improve your stamina.

Virabhadrasana II – Warrior II Pose
Warrior 2 or Virabhadrasana II stretch helps alleviate joint stiffness in the legs, groins, and chest. It is a powerful stretch that can help reduce pain from inflammation from such things as arthritis and Fibromyalgia. Virabhadrasana II also increases stamina. It helps to relieve backaches and stimulates healthy digestion. This is a deep hip-opening pose that strengthens the muscles in the thighs and buttocks as well as the perfect workout to tone your abs, calves, and arches of the feet.

Ashwa Sanchalanasana
Equestrian Pose is a posture that teaches people to find stability in their life, stretches groins, and increases blood flow in the pelvic region, therefore this pose is helpful for prostate gland enlargement, varicocele, and other sexual issues.

Bhujangasana – Cobra Pose
The origin of the Sanskrit word bhujanga means ”snake” or ”serpent”, which is how the snake appears in this position. Bhujangasana allows you to stretch your chest, shoulders, and back. It might also make the buttocks firmer and relieve stress and fatigue. According to traditional Indian texts, it is believed that the pose can increase body heat and the destruction of diseases + awakening the kundalini energy.

Kandharasana – Shoulder Pose
The practice of this asana improves internal organ functioning. The application of back bending typically includes better functioning of the gall bladder, liver, pancreas, kidneys, intestines, and digestive system.

Savasana – Corpse Pose
Calms the central nervous system, aiding the immune and digestive systems. Calms the mind and reduces stress levels.

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!Disclaimer Alert!
This video is not medical advice. Amit Namdev is an Indian govt. certified Yoga Instructor. However, he is not your therapist and can’t possibly know your exact problem or diagnose you through YouTube. So please don’t use this video to avoid going to your own healthcare advisor/doctor or therapist. 
This Video is only intended to show you the correct techniques for mental or physical exercise and should not be used for self-diagnosis or self-treatment without undergoing your healthcare physician or therapist. 
Please check with your doctor before trying these techniques and at any time you feel discomfort doing any of these exercises, stop immediately and consult with your healthcare professional. Thank you for your co-operation. 🙂

[Music] So let’s stand up and bring your feet About hip width apart Pressing heel down spreading your toes Shoulders rolled up back and down And you can go ahead Focus somewhere on The ground Once you’re ready Bring arms up interlock your fingers Inhale and stretch all the way up Balance The lens onto your toes Each time you feel falling mumbling Don’t worry Try bring your awareness back onto Balancing And keep stretching all the way up you Can without suppressing your breath keep Make sure that you can still keep Breathing and therefore you can keep Your shoulders down if you’re not doing This keeping your shoulders down And balance Your breathing is normal Good exhale release Then balance onto the right foot and Bring the left foot onto the right thigh Again focusing somewhere on the ground Will be beneficial helpful for balance And palm together Make sure that your chest is lifting Upwards there is a Banda And you’re not pressing too much with This leg

If you’re lifting up Then Inhale bring your arms up Palm together And shoulders down Balance Break charging [Music] Exhale release Change your leg Through balance onto the left foot and Right foot goes onto the left eye Focus Um together And find the cell balanced Whenever you’re ready Inhale bring arms up Palm together shoulder down [Music] Breathe Good exhale release Shake your legs Then balance onto the right foot again Bend your left knee Your right arm up inhale as you exhale You are going to kick your left leg back Bending forward So this Culture natural Jason is a forward band Backbend at the same time balancing Asana it’s an excellent Asana to perform [Music] Balance And try kick your leg as back as Possible in your body and do not try to

Mimic anything do what is comfortable in Your body Say release change your leg So come to the left foot balancing onto The left foot Bending the right knee Then inhale left arm up As you exhale kick the right leg back Bend forward balance [Music] Good exhale release Shake your legs Then feed about hip width apart it Depends on the body you can keep the Feet together or apart see what is Comfortable for you for me it’s Comfortable with the feet open legs open So you can check what is comfortable and Bend your knees and bend Bend Palm Together and then bring your right elbow To the left side and push with your hand To lift your chest more up towards the Ceiling Breathe Good come back to the center and then Left elbow to the right knee inhale as You exhale chest Towards the Sky [Music] Good exhale release and come back to the Standing up position and then bring the Right leg back Make sure that leg is right back so it’s Not too open not too in If you feel nice and comfortable and you

Balanced then also check if you want This feed Can it go all the way down the heel down Or otherwise you can Lift the heel up It depends on the ankle joint Then check your knee and ankle in one Line 90 degree adjust And then bring your arms up shoulder Down Warrior one B badrasana one Great Good in the next exhalation check the Foot pressing down And 90 degree so the food and mat is in One line and then open this leg a little Bit more so that you feel nice and Stretched it depends on the length of Your body of course How long you need to open the leg you Feel you find in your body So do you need this much or otherwise You can take the leg little bit less for Me it needs wider And then arms to the shoulder level look Forward Like in Warrior Breathe [Music] You come back to the center change legs So right foot open And then check this foot lift the heel Up

Balance Once you balance 90 degree And heel pressing back still and bring Your arms up shoulders down breathe Good and then the foot flat on the Ground Opening the leg checking What is easy and convenient in your body And once you’re ready arms to the Shoulder level open Reaching the arms outward look forward Breathe [Music] Good come back and then bend your knee Bring the right knee on the ground Adjust And then push your hip down Make sure that the 90 degree angle Maintain here your hips are pressing you Are feeling stretched around this area To your hips back Breathe [Music] Good then chain the leg Right foot forward left leg back Pressing the leg back if you need to Check the 90 degree angle here hip down Look forward and breathe Good then Leg back And lay onto your belly Check your hands under your shoulders Forehead down And feet together

And push with your hands lift your head Up shoulders up chest up and then relax Your shoulders tuck your elbows by the Side Hold and breathe [Music] Good come down and lay onto your back Then bend your knees Palm flat on the ground I’m pressing Onto the ground help you lift your hips Up And on the next inhalation you are going To lift your hips up up all the way Rotate your shoulders Inward and then Either keep pressing your hands into the Ground or interlock your fingers Pressing the hand into the ground or Support your back with your hands Whichever feel the most easy and Convenient in your own body Hold and breathe Good and gently come down Stretch your legs out Feet apart hands apart Palm facing apart The ceiling Core pose savasana let go And relax [Music] [Music] Thank you

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