Lucia yoga! Day 1445 of yoga and gratefulness

Beginners yoga for about 15 minutes every day

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Thank the Lucia Use clothes Foreign I use Hello everyone good morning loved ones Today is no regular Day in Sweden it’s Uh Saint Lucia’s day Comes to Sweden To bring light in the darkest of days Light gingerbread and saffron bunnies And today we’ve been celebrating at Gemma’s kindergarten Gemma throw her Light crown that was not like this that Was like like very soft man As she threw it off after like one Second I got one photo of her with it on Only when I wore mine you know so she Was like she wanted to be like Mommy But this tradition you should Google it Same to you Lucia in Sweden it’s so Beautiful I love it And um and as a young girl if you had Long blonde hair you were often the Lucia so I’m happy that my hair has Grown longer so that I can be one again Um I’m very grateful to get to the Preschool because it’s so touching with The kids to see them sing you know these These kids are a little too small you Know so they don’t really walk and Gemma Was in my lap but it’s so beautiful So I feel very grateful that we have This tradition and that it’s cherished Gemma is in an international preschool

So so I love that they also cherish this Swedish tradition and that that we need In this dark country of Art Um penny is like a puppy again she loves The snow She gets like super hyped with this and And that really amazes me and I’m very Happy and grateful for that Because she’s been so lazy this fall so I’ve been almost worried that she’s sick Um I’m also grateful for for each and every One of you I reach 186 000 subscribers Today it’s um it’s a miracle like Christmas miracle and to all my amazing Patrons that that poured the work into And that I wouldn’t you know be able to Able to live the life I live without Um their contribution is so so important For my life I’m I’m so grateful for for You Uh I’m also very grateful for being Swedish Um in Sweden we have a very independent Culture as women Uh it’s supposedly one of the most Feministic countries in the world and um I grew up with people long stocking as My hero She’s a very wild you know um red-headed Like Probably considered crazy child and and She was definitely my hero when I was Young and many Swedish girls

So we um we grew up to think for Ourselves and you know earn our own Money Um Have our own careers and and be Independent and I’m very grateful for That mentality And this really is welfare you know Where everyone goes to school and the Universities are for free and um I didn’t really benefit from that Because I’m dropped out of University But but you know only that that it’s Possible I think that it’s beautiful and I think growing up in a country like That is such a privilege so I feel very Grateful for that Um yeah So let’s let’s you know bring life into The world today in whatever version you Can be be Lucia Bring the Lucia from today’s class out To wherever whatever environment you’re In and you know some bun buns and Gingerbread isn’t always appreciated you Know so you can bring that today to Whatever you know workplace whatever Setting you are in bring some Joy Um I I know by experience that by adding Joy into other people’s life You get so much back uh with smiles and Care and love it’s always worth you know Putting in the extra effort Uh so I feel very grateful that I I

Realized that early on Um and that it’s a part of how I live my Life and have been you know since I was Growing up my parents are like that as Well so I learned it easy on maybe even A child Ania what you doing are you showing are You showing the little fox Other folks is gonna fool you the fox is Gonna go Okay we’re gonna do some yoga uh since That’s why I’m here uh to bring out Lights you know into the world from yoga Get down on your sitting bones and Straighten your back up close your eyes And focus on the area between your Eyebrows it’s not the most comfortable Thing I kind of understand why Gemma Threw It Off but I’ll keep it for you Guys for the whole class Uh we’re gonna start taking control over Our breath Inhale to start Exhale Inhale Exhale Thank you One more We’re gonna do the breath of wire we do That by pushing our belly button towards The spine quick and hard Inhale to start Thank you Foreign

Foreign Super We’re gonna do we’re gonna do the Frog Because it’s like you know from the kind Of dancing around the maypole you also Do the same dances this is a really Funny thing when you dance around The Christmas tree it’s the same dances As it is around the maple So we did a little frog you know So we are not considered we’re gonna Breathe Here suppress your elbows Towards your knees Straighten your back up and slide If you have a problem like me with a Cold you can breathe through your mouth It’s better to be breathe through the Nose because you keep the heat in your Body buttered up So normally in yoga you always breathe Through your nose both in and out We’re gonna come down Foreign Two The butterfly Straighten up your back I think butterflies also bring light and And enjoy to the world so it’s suitable The the Lucia is doing the butterfly Foreign Beautiful Come back to this position Before we get to Um

To meditation We’re going to talk about how you can Spread light in the world because light Is you know a joy joy is the same as Light smiles and you know And care that is spreading light into The world So you know by smiling to the the bus Driver or you know helping an old lady Or a street or uh Making that phone call to your grandma You know and all those things is Spreading light into the world so think Of what you can do today and then do That don’t take it tomorrow do that and Playing with my little monkeys also Spreading joy into this world yes Because she’s bringing so much joy to Our family so if I can bring her a bit Of joy as well but being with her oh Throwing the little fox here But you know adding joy to everyone Around because if she’s a happy dog She’s gonna give happiness to our family And you know it’s just like this Positive spiral I think it’s the same if I am negative you know I spread that if I If I’d be positive Spread some light up There now get down on your sitting bones Straighten up your back close your eyes And focus on the area between your Eyebrows the third eye looking inwards

Breath Just let go of this Focus your eyes on the area between your Eyebrows the third eye looking inwards That’s your third eye lead you to the Area around your heart In this area you find an inner room Where you’re gonna spend some just Before yourself There is nothing that has been and Nothing that will Welcome Glance of the infecting Yes sir Um Yes Simply come back to the room where you Are We’re gonna finish today’s class with Three shelter inherit history Place your palms to your forehead feet I Think it falls through the day to your Mouth for you to speak the truth and to Your heart for you to follow your heart And to be kind to yourself and to other People Namaste Thank you so much for today Remember to go out there and spread some Light I love you guys tomorrow Bye

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