Power Yoga Flow ~ Full Class!

The perfect, full power yoga class wrapped into a 35 minute yoga flow! Get your cardio, strength building, stretches, balance practice, breathing, and soulful, mindful meditation right here. And in just 35 minutes , this full power yoga practice is approachable and easily fit in to any schedule!

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💫💫💫 May All Beings Be Happy, Peaceful, and Free 💫💫💫

Michelle Goldstein is a co-founder of Heart Alchemy Yoga, one of Southern California’s fastest-growing yoga and wellness YouTube channels. She leads power yoga workshops, immersions, and retreats worldwide.

Known for her creative vinyasas (sequences of yoga asana) and pranayama, Michelle’s teaching integrates various forms of movement and meditation set to powerfully inspiring backdrops of music.

Approaching instruction with a deep spiritual reverence for the sacredness of yoga, coupled with a joyous playful sense of humor, Michelle’s classes offer a safe, nurturing, and challenging environment for students to come and explore their mental and physical boundaries.

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Foreign [Music] Welcome to Heart Alchemy yoga on YouTube I'm Michelle Goldstein and today we are Going to move through a Power Yoga Practice to get you feeling amazing Let's get started be sure to subscribe To Heart Alchemy yoga find us on Instagram find us on Facebook and find Us at heart Alchemy Yoga online where we Have longer practices Upcoming workshops previous workshops And overall a lot more diverse content So check out the link in the description Below to Heart Alchemy online and let's Get started with our yoga practice today Will come to child's pose to begin as we Often do The hips Ground Back onto the heels The forehead rests Down toward the ground The breath begins to deepen As you immerse in the inner experience Of being here And we'll inhale up to all fours hands And knees tuck the toes lift the hips And press back to downward dog pose Foreign Flowing Bring some integrity To your posture Whatever that means to you

We'll inhale shift forward to a plank Position upper push-up And exhale use the core draw the hips Back downward dog Again inhale shift to plank Exhale back to down dog And one more time inhale plank pose Exhale down dog Good lift right leg inhale Exhale step right foot through beyond The back toes In a runner's lunge come up on the Fingertips get some space across the Collarbone Belly in extend through the left heel Beautiful and then we'll stretch the Right leg straight for a breath turn the Right foot in left heel flat to the Floor And fold into a wide straddle forward Bend Beautiful rise up to stand up big inhale Pull it to your heart on the exhale okay Let's turn the left foot out Bend the left knee Arms out Warrior Two We're warming up a little differently Today one more breath here why not Release the hands down to the back of Your mat come up on back toes step to Plank And lower down to the ground first Vinyasa of practice inhale cobra And exhale pull back downward dog

Deep breath As we continue to warm up lift left leg Please inhale Exhale step through you're in a runner's Lunge here Sink the hips a little bit without Collapsing Extend out through the right heel Shoulders away from ears Deep breath Beautiful left leg straight turn the Left foot in back heel flat you're in a Wide straddle forward fold again maybe Interlaced fingers arms stretch overhead Release your neck If you lock your elbows just unlock them You can unlock the knees as well Rise up To stand up big inhale Pull it to your heart on the exhale Beautiful right foot turns out bend the Right knee Warrior Two Soften The jaw soften the Gaze And anything else that softened when I Said soften go with that too And just one more breath here Hands to the mat step to plank And lower down mindfully inhale Cobra Pose And exhale back downward dog Okay A beautiful inhale rise up on the toes Exhale look forward walk or hop your

Feet up to the front of your mat Lengthen inhale Fold exhale Rise up to stand up inhale And Palms meet at the heart exhale okay Just one Surya a today inhale Arms Reach Up Exhale fold forward Inhale lengthen Exhale step back and lower down Inhale Cobra or upward dog Exhale hips back down dog Foreign Lift the heels exhale walk or hop the Feet up lengthen inhale Fold exhale okay chair pose inhale Exhale fold forward Inhale lengthen Exhale step or jump back lower down Inhale Cobra or up dog Exhale down dog we'll move into some Surya B step the right foot through Crescent or Warrior one if you prefer Exhale release plank And lower Inhale press up Exhale draw back Left foot steps through come up for a Breath Crescent pose Exhale release to plank And lower down Inhale cobra Exhale dog Deep breath

Good inhale heels up exhale walk or hop The feet up Lengthen inhale Fold exhale Utkatasana chair pose inhale Fold forward exhale Inhale lengthen exhale step or jump back Chaturanga inhale cobra Exhale down dog right foot steps through Come up for a breath Crescent or Warrior One And release to plank Lower down mindfully inhale press up Exhale draw back Left foot steps through come up Crescent And release plank Lower down Inhale to cobra Exhale down dog Foreign Your neck to soften And bring some Integrity especially to The upper back so push the floor away Flex the quadricep so the thigh muscles Are strong And again lift the heels inhale Exhale feet to the front of your space Inhale lengthen Exhale fold Utkatasana inhale Fold forward exhale Inhale halfway up Exhale make your way back with that Lengthen your spine lower and then

Inhale press up Exhale back with the breath right foot Steps through Crescent pose inhale And exhale release to plank Lower down Inhale press that Exhale draw back left foot steps through Come up Crescent pose inhale And exhale release Step to plank And lower good inhale to cobra Exhale down dog Foreign I'm kind of thinking one more round Let's build some heat here bring your Feet to your hands Inhale lengthen Exhale fold Would katasana chair pose inhale Fold in exhale Lengthen inhale Exhale step or jump back Inhale press up Exhale draw back right foot steps Through come up for a breath inhale And exhale Let It Go plank Lower down Inhale press up Exhale back left foot steps through come Up Crescent And release Vinyasa Back to dog

All right so hopefully you're getting Warm Still breathing Step right foot through back heel to the Ground Warrior Two Let's Straighten the right leg left arm Wraps behind the back see if you can Catch your right thigh or something Lengthen through the right side body Right hand down for half bound triangle Pose Be sure those quads are engaged Breath engaged And we'll release the left arm reach it Up Left arm over left ear grab the side Stretch here Good and then come up Warrior Two Foreign Beautiful all right reverse your Warrior Big breath in Exhale hands down step to plank we'll Roll to the outer left foot reach the Right arm out for side plank Push push up out of the left shoulder And now right arm over right ear For another side stretch hips lift up Flex feet And quads Right hand down you're in plank Not either back to dog or lower down Chaturanga inhale cobra Exhale down dog

Okay left foot steps through back Heel To The Ground Warrior Two And we'll straighten left leg right arm Wraps behind your back grab either a Piece of clothing or maybe your left Thigh left arm lengthens forward for Half bound triangle Bring the shoulder blades together onto The back and be mindful to not collapse Through the upper abs so hug those lower Floating ribs in Foreign Make sure you're making muscles with Your quads release the right arm free it Up Right arm over right ear Lengthen through both sides of your Waist And come up Warrior Two Reverse your Warrior inhale Exhale hands down to the mat step to Plank Will Roll to the outer right foot This time left arm reaches up And left arm over left ear Deep breath deep breath Hmm Left hand down you're in plank And lower down mindfully inhale press That Cobra pose And exhale draw back downward dog Okay let's bring the feet to the front Of the mat please inhale lengthen Exhale fold Rise up to stand up inhale

And exhale The Palms meet at the Heart Center Feel your feet on the ground Feel your body In space Okay from here we'll cross left ankle Over right thigh bend the right knee for Figure four Flex the left foot shoulder heads back Good come up lift the left knee And we'll extend the left leg back fold Into standing split release your head And neck keep the left leg active and Engaged Gauge the low belly and lengthen through Your spine let your head drop Beautiful step the left foot straight Back behind you come up Warrior Two And again reverse the warrior inhale Exhale to side angle pose Foreign Feel the right femur bone hug into its Hip socket Belly in rotate into the upper back And we'll come up Warrior Two inhale Exhale hands down to the mat step back To down dog split right leg lift inhale Exhale right knee over to the left elbow Good inhale lift the right leg Exhale right knee to the right elbow for A breath Inhale right leg lift Exhale right knee to the chest set the Right foot down at the front of your mat

Work the right leg as straight as you Can spin the left heel flat And fold for another hamstring stretch Here on the right side Foreign Legs scissor together Shoulders away from ears Left foot steps up to the front of your Space with a flat back rise up to stand Up And Palms meet at the heart Okay let's take figure four on the left Side so right ankle cross over left Thigh bend that left knee Foreign Breathing deeply get Space across the Collarbone so the shoulder heads can Draw back a little And we'll come up lift the right knee And transition to standing splits extend The right leg back fold forward keep That right leg engaged Foreign Leg the lifted one the inner right thigh Spirals up toward the sky so we bring That right hip into a neutral rotation We'll softly step back to Warrior two Posts And reverse the warrior inhale Side angle pose on the exhale And come up Warrior Two inhale Exhale hands down to the mat come up on The back toes step to down dog split Inhale

Exhale left knee over to the right elbow Good inhale lift that left leg Exhale left knee to the left elbow Inhale left leg lift Exhale left knee hugs in set the left Foot down at the front of your space Please Step the right foot up a few inches spin The right heel flat left leg straight Fold in Foreign Hey All right Actually it's parjo tanasana Engage the breath Right foot steps up to meet the left Inhale rise to stand up Exhale Palms meet at the heart Good inhale arms up Exhale fold in Inhale lengthen Exhale to chaturanga lower down inhale Cobra And exhale back Down dog Okay let's set the knees down on the mat Stand up on the knees and we'll move in For our back bend today we'll take camel Shoulder blades together heart lift Maybe you slide the hands down the backs Of the legs maybe reach back for the Heels Foreign Feel the heart lift

Shoulder blades press up into the back Of the lungs And come up Cross the ankles behind you sit down on Your bottom knees in front of you wrap Your arms around your shins We'll drop the forehead down toward the Knees round through the spine to counter Stretch And then extend up left leg straight Right foot over left thigh And we'll come in for Arda Matsiandrasana right hand to the ground Behind you left arm can wrap around the Right thigh or over the right Thigh Foreign Beautiful and then we'll come back to Center Take the right foot to the inside of That left leg and then we'll grab the Bottom of the right foot with both hands And as best you can straighten the right Leg you could also use a strap here Flex The left foot Maybe you grab the back of the right Calf Set yourself up tall Good and then lower the right leg Straight down Bend the left knee Left foot over the right thigh Left arm up and back behind you Right arm either around the left knee or

Over the left thigh Flex the right foot Foreign [Music] Beautiful and then we'll make our way Back to Center left foot to the inside Of the right leg and then see if you can Grab the bottom of the left foot Straighten the left leg sit yourself up Tall Definitely use a strap or a towel if That's helpful to you Maybe you grab the back of the left leg Lengthen the spine more Good and lower the left leg down both Legs straight arms up fold forward Beautiful and then we'll roll all the Way onto our backs Bend the knees bring the soles of the Feet together knees drop open [Music] One hand to the heart the other hand to The belly Notice how it feels to be here Alive in your body right now Beautiful and then from here we'll bring The knees together hug the right knee to The chest left leg long And we'll take one more twist Beautiful and back to Center And let's stretch the right leg straight Left knee hugs into the chest And we'll twist to the other side Feel your body soften Allow the pose to do the work for you

And make your way back to Center Straighten the legs close the eyes Shoulders down the back Shavasana Thank you And when you're ready Bring some awareness back into your Physical body Take a full body stretch Bring the knees to the chest Roll to your side Impress yourself up To sit Close your eyes Let's take the non-dominant hand over The Heart Center And the other hand on top Take a moment To bless yourself Bless yourself And then Palms together and Anjali mudra At the heart And bless All Sentient beings everywhere Lift your heart please bow your head Namaste Thank you so very much everyone thank You for practicing with me today I'm Michelle Goldstein you're at heart Alchemy yoga on YouTube find us on Instagram find us on Facebook be sure to Subscribe to our heart Alchemy here on YouTube you can sign up for our email

List at heart alchemyoga.com and join Our streaming site heart Alchemy Studio Online Link is in the description of This video we love you loads and we will See you soon take good care Foreign [Music]

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