Power Yoga Flow!

The feeling of a strong, cardiovascular power yoga flow is one of the most wonderfully euphoric feels there is, and this 30 minute total body yoga flow really delivers! Work out and work in with this strong, steady meditative power yoga class to work out stress, invigorate and calm your heart and mind.

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💫💫💫 May All Beings Be Happy, Peaceful, and Free 💫💫💫

Michelle Goldstein is a co-founder of Heart Alchemy Yoga, one of Southern California’s fastest-growing yoga and wellness YouTube channels. She leads power yoga workshops, immersions, and retreats worldwide.

Known for her creative vinyasas (sequences of yoga asana) and pranayama, Michelle’s teaching integrates various forms of movement and meditation set to powerfully inspiring backdrops of music.

Approaching instruction with a deep spiritual reverence for the sacredness of yoga, coupled with a joyous playful sense of humor, Michelle’s classes offer a safe, nurturing, and challenging environment for students to come and explore their mental and physical boundaries.

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Let's get started with our practice Today Who come to sit on your mat Close your eyes Hands rest on the knees Deepen your breath Good gently blink the eyes open right Hand to the ground next to you left arm Up and overhead for a side stretch Slide the shoulders away from the ears Maybe you walk the right hand out a Little bit sink left sitting bone and Left hip down toward the ground Good and then right Hand to the floor behind you left hand To the right knee take a little twist Beautiful and then from here you'll take The right hand around to the front cross Right arm over left arm And we'll take an eagle wrap Take the arms back into the shoulder Sockets lift the elbows slightly maybe Lift your gaze One more breath Release Switch the cross of your legs please Left hand to the ground next to your Right arm reaches over head As we begin to warm up Breath by breath Moment by moment maybe walk the right The left fingertips out Right hip sinks Good and now right hand to left knee Left hand to the floor behind you

Shoulder heads retract take a little Twist Good and from here left arm over right Eagle wrap The arms draw into the shoulder sockets Maybe lift the elbows shoulders down the Back Maybe lift your gaze Beautiful and release let's come to all Fours shall we Hands under Shoulders Knees under hips Inhale drop the belly arch your back to Cow pose Exhale round through your spine to cat Inhale drop the belly down arch your Back Exhale round into cat And one more time inhale Arch the back Exhale round to cat Cow pose Tuck the toes neutral spine lift the Hips downward facing dog Spread fingers along the ground push the Floor away from you Foreign Good and lift right leg inhale exhale Step right foot through as we jump in Come to Crescent pose Shoulders slide away from the ears belly In And just one more breath here Good Palms meet in front of the heart Let's step left foot up to the front of Your space feet parallel

Inhale reach up Exhale fold in Inhale lengthen Exhale step to plank And lower down chaturanga inhale Cobra Or upward facing dog Exhale tuck toes lift hips downward Facing dog Deepest breaths deepest breaths Foreign Please inhale Exhale step through to Lunge come up to Crescent Foreign Get Space across the chest space around The neck belly firmed in one more breath Here Palms meet at the heart Step right foot up to the front of your Space Feet parallel inhale reach up Exhale fold in Inhale lengthen Exhale step back or you could jump back If that's your thing lower it down Inhale Cobra or upward dog Exhale pull back downward dog Good let's step right foot through back Heel To The Ground come up Warrior Two Pose As we warm up Shoulders soften down the back belly in You look over your right middle finger And feel the left side of your torso and

Your left middle finger reach back the Other way Inner legs hug together Let's bring right forearm to right thigh Left arm reaches overhead So we haven't done any Surya B yet if You've noticed so maybe it feels a Little different Appreciate it Thank you Appreciate the warm-up One more breath Both hands down to the ground come up on The back toes step back to plank lift The right leg lower the left knee under The left hip Right hand under right shoulder left arm Reach forward Push up out of right shoulder keep a Slight micro Bend in your right elbow so If you're locking your right elbow just Unlock it belly in a lot lengthen your Extended limbs away from one another Just for a breath And then lower left hand down step to Plank Big inhale here Exhale lower down Inhale Cobra pose Exhale down dog Left foot steps through back Heel To The Ground come up Warrior Two Inner legs hug together shoulders soften Gaze saw

Left elbow to left thigh right arm Reaches overhead Good one more breath here And we'll take both hands down to the Mat come up on back toes step to plank Lift left leg Lower right knee down to the mat left Hand under left shoulder right arm Reaches to the front of your space hug The belly in a lot Be mindful not to put any weight on your Left elbow if it's locked so unlock the Elbow push up out of left shoulder Lengthen your extended limbs for another Breath Good right hand down left leg steps back Right foot steps back you're in plank Inhale here Exhale lower down Inhale cobra Exhale down dog Deep breath Let's start to flow bring your feet to Your hands Inhale lengthen Exhale fold in Chair pose inhale and we'll move through A few Surya B exhale fold forward Inhale lengthen exhale step back lower Down Inhale cobra Exhale to dog Right foot steps through come up Crescent or Warrior One your choice

Exhale release hands step to Plank and Lower down Inhale cobra Exhale down dog left foot steps through Come up for a breath inhale And exhale release to plank Step back lower down inhale cobra Exhale back downward dog Push the floor away from you relax your Head and neck Inhale heels up exhale walk or hop your Feet to your hands Lengthen inhale Fold exhale Utkatasana chair pose inhale Fold forward exhale Inhale lengthen the spine exhale step Back with that length and lower it down Inhale to cobra Exhale to dog right foot steps through Come up Crescent inhale And exhale release the hands step to Plank lower down Inhale cobra Exhale dog Left foot steps through come up Crescent On an inhale And exhale release Plank And lower Inhale cobra Exhale dog check it out step right foot Through back heel flat Warrior Two come

Up And we'll inhale reverse Warrior for a Breath Exhale side angle for a breath Inhale Warrior Two Exhale hands down step back and lower Inhale cobra Exhale dog left foot steps through Come up Warrior Two good Inhale reverse Exhale side angle Inhale Warrior Two Exhale release plank And chaturanga Inhale to cobra Exhale back to dog Right foot steps through come up to Crescent All right Let's wrap left arm under right arm for Eagle wrap Left leg up and over right leg for Eagle Posts Hug the forearms right upper arms draw Back into the shoulder sockets maybe Lift the elbows and sink the hips Foreign Unravel Extend left leg back standing split grab A block if it helps you Or two blocks even Flex the left foot Lengthen left leg back Good one more breath here

Step left foot straight back behind you Come up to Warrior Two And we'll make our way into triangle but Let's take today the left arm and reach The left arm behind your back maybe hook Your right thigh or you can grab your Clothing even your shirt reach right arm Forward And then right fingertips down maybe Turn your gaze up over your left Shoulder Collect quadriceps I'd forgotten to do That as well so be gentle with yourself As you bring more intention and Awareness To how you're moving your body in space Where release left arm up Left arm over left ear for the side Stretch Root down through that left foot And we'll come up Warrior Two bend the Right knee Hands down to the mat Step to plank bring the feet together We'll roll to the outer right foot reach The left arm up Push up out of the right shoulder Good one more breath here And then back to plank inhale Chaturanga exhale Inhale cobra Exhale dog left foot steps through come Up to Crescent And we'll wrap right arm under left arm

For Eagle wrap Step right leg up and over left leg Wrap the pose if you can Soften the shoulders down the back maybe Lift the elbows Hug the inner legs together Then we'll unwrap and make your way into Standing splits Definitely use the blocks if they help You Definitely engage your lifted leg the Leg you're standing on if it's helpful To bend it a little bit you can But if you can keep the leg relatively Straight then you'll get more of a Hamstring stretch Very nice step right foot straight back Behind you come up Warrior Two And we'll straighten the left leg Right arm wraps behind the back grab Something if you can maybe your left Thigh Reach left arm forward left hand down Roll the shoulders away from the ears Left hip hugs to the midline of your Body Quadriceps engage And release right arm up Right arm over right ear grab the side Stretch root down through the right foot The back foot And come up Warrior Two pose inhale Exhale hands to the mat step to plank

Roll to the outer left foot right arm Reaches to the sky for side playing Foreign More breath push up out of the left Shoulder Right hand down your plank And lower down Beautiful everyone inhale press to cobra Exhale pull back down dog And now from here walk your hands back About two inches closer to your feet And with your left hand reach for the Outer right leg either back of the right Hamstrings or the upper leg back of the Knee maybe you reach for your ankle you Can adjust And then push up out of the right Shoulder and gently rotate to the right Foreign Left hand down and we'll switch sides Right hand reaches for the back of the Left leg somewhere Got a whole leg there what a gift And then push up out of the left Shoulder and gently rotate as you look Under your left shoulder Very nice release right hand down Lower the knees down All right let's cross ankles behind you Behind us separate the legs wide And walk yourself forward And if you can't walk yourself forward You can prop yourself upright you know This right

If you don't know this remember That The practice is intended to support your Body and facilitate You feeling your very best So practice as if It was dependent on that Beautiful and then come up Soles of the feet together knees drop Open and fold into badakonasana Foreign Straighten the legs in front of you Arms Reach up big breath in Fold forward Very nice roll yourself up Bend your knees feet on the floor lie Down on your back Okay let's come into Bridge Roll the hips up walk the shoulder Blades together under your back maybe Interlace the fingers If you're feeling a big or vidanyarasana You want a big back bend you can take it Otherwise stamp the feet down well even If you're in wheel you want to stamp the Feet down Lift the chest Go ahead unroll the shoulders Come on to your back Cross right ankle over left thigh Thread the eye of the needle which I Hear they're now calling we're now Calling it figure four pose So whatever you want to call it

Enjoy it Good and switch sides Got some release right knee to the chest Left leg long And take a Twist to the left And back to Center Switch sides And back to Center All right happy baby So we're doing a lot of shorter holds on The finishing poses here Peel the Sitting bones Point down toward the Ground as your sacrum bone Roots down Into the ground And we'll release arms and legs Shavasana Bring some awareness back into your body Knees to chest Roll to your side And press yourself up to sit Allow your eyes to close Bring your palms together in front of Your heart Foreign Bow in Thank you so much everyone thank you for Practicing with me today I'm Michelle Goldstein you're at heart Alchemy yoga On YouTube be sure to subscribe and be Sure to check out the Muse s this is the Coolest thing you guys it's really Incredible how it's pointed me inward Toward my own

Brain and the way that my mind my heart My breath and my body all work together As the mind It's it's remarkable check it out and There is a link in the description both To the product and our coupon code heart Alchemy 20 So see you soon be well [Music]

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