Womb Wisdom Restorative Flow | Yoga with Melissa 634

Womb Wisdom Restorative Flow | Yoga with Melissa 634
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This restorative yoga class combines restorative yoga postures including reclined bound angle pose and simple, easy reclined flowing yoga poses to connect with our divine feminine energy and in particular our womb wisdom. Regardless of whether you have a womb or not, we can all connect with our womb wisdom.

Regardless of our gender we all have masculine and feminine energy within us. The masculine and feminine energies within us create polarity within us. When they are in balance and harmony we feel better! Throughout this series, we will bring the unhealthy and wounded aspects of our masculine and feminine sides out of the shadows. The wounded masculine and feminine from our ego, fear and darkness and cause us to suffer. When we bring the light of awareness to the shadow sides of our masculine and feminine wounding, we can heal and transform into healthy and divine energy.

Through our wombs we can explore, express, release and reveal any emotions that have been lurking underneath, waiting to be seen. Anything unfelt, ignored, denied or avoided will arise so you can access your true self.

We actually try to avoid unpleasant and overwhelming feelings by blocking them out and other coping strategies. But, it takes more effort to keep the pain at bay than to express it. When we contract our bodies, hold our breath, this constricting and holding, protecting creates tension in our bodies, locks up life force energy and we resist the very emotions that might liberate us. Emotional stress is often felt in the digestive system as well. We we fully feel these emotions and let them travel through us, we will feel empowered, sustained energy, a sense of wholeness and integrity. When we soothe ourselves and heal our emotions we can surrender and feel content.

If you would like an infographic of the qualities of the divine masculine and feminine in balance go to: melissawest.com/balance

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