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Middle Split. Stretching and Gymnastics. Contortion workout. Yoga Flexibility
Hello to my subscribers and those who are planning to subscribe to my channel. My name is Julia, I have been doing gymnastics since childhood, but I chose the profession in the circus genre of equilibria. I travel a lot and chose YouTube to share with you my professional achievements at work, as well as talk about my travels in different countries and of course I offer educational content.
What can I teach you?
☝️stretching press, muscle pumping
☝️ gymnastics – development of flexibility and stretching
☝️equilibre – handstands and various circus tricks
all workouts take place in the gym or at the stadium
And so subscribe to my channel! put likes and wait for you at my lessons!
Sincerely, your coach Julia
#contortion #gymnastics #yoga

Hello my friends today we continue Our Strange lessons I keep Keep your leg on ballet bar And spring one two Three Four five six seven Mm-hmm And now we’re doing middle split this Palette bar Okay go down feature for For profit Keep position Good job Bring Um Go down Keep your head broken at the floor And turn Around Your body Lunge forward and spring down Okay my friends good job Go down Super and between Bike Um Warm up your feet Smile Warm up your hands Okay my friends subscribe of me and have A nice day

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