Yoga Trainer Sravanthi : Migraine Remedies In Telugu | Yoga Exercise For Migraine Headaches | Mr Nag

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Foreign Foreign Foreign [Music] Foreign Arsenal system S [Music] Okay at the same time Okay so uh head massage Okay so um Foreign Shoulders Foreign Decrease Inhale Exhale We land on the slope which is good Okay reverse Focus is Okay relax five rounds clockwise five Rounds anti-clockwise so for neck Rotation Inhale China Exhale chin down Inhale Exhale Inhale Exhale [Music] Inhale Center your five two eight rounds Just go to Now inhale exhale choose to right side

Inhale Exhale Inhale Exhale Exhale Inhale Center Now neck rotations clockwise inhale this Is Exhale Chase to forward rubberly Okay rotations Okay Firearms clockwise 5 rounds and the clockwise Or relax Now inhale just the right hand lift just The right palm on your left ear Exhale Bend to your right side you will need to Stretch the wrist only Build a finance tension release Inhale Right hand up release Inhale just the left hand left chain Knee right ear Exhale chest to bend to your left Keep your eyes closed Stretch absolutely focus on your breath Five Four [Music] Three To One Center Exhale release Okay next stretches

Fingertips though Foreign 5 Seconds 10 seconds May stomach comfort Okay slogan I’m gonna rotate your chest to massage Mild pressure Same reverse Relax So next Mana Nose Bridge Side Massage Rotate Sorry Putting it Relax So I put a eyebrows Should only first two fingers your index And thumb Pressure is too Press change Foreign Fingers to walk Chase to slow the fold Forward Eyes closed Five to ten minutes Though Up Exhale Foreign Foreign Uh Videos

[Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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