Gaiam Kids Balance Ball – Exercise Stability Yoga Ball Review

In this review, we’re going to be taking a deeper look at the Gaiam Kids Balance Ball. This 45cm kid-sized balance ball is not just an exercise tool, but also a great alternative seating option for active children. By using this balance ball, not only will your child have fun and stay engaged, but they will also benefit from improved posture and balance.

If your child doesn’t own the Gaiam Kids Balance Ball, they might miss out on the opportunity to incorporate physical activity into their daily routine. This ball allows for active sitting, which means that even while doing homework or watching TV, your child can engage their core and improve their focus and concentration. Without this product, they may be more prone to becoming sedentary, which can have negative effects on their overall health and well-being.

So, whether you’re a parent looking for a flexible seating option for your high-energy child at home or a teacher wanting to provide an active learning environment in the classroom, the Gaiam Kids Balance Ball can meet your needs. Let’s dive into the details and find out more about why this product is worth considering.

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How the Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Works

The Gaiam Kids Balance Ball is a versatile and engaging exercise tool designed specifically for children. This kid-sized balance ball, measuring 45 cm (1.5 ft) in diameter, offers a wide range of uses, from exercise and yoga to active sitting at a desk, both at home and in the classroom. Its unique design encourages a healthy posture and improves balance while providing an outlet for excess energy.

Encourages Healthy Posture and Balance

One of the primary features of the Gaiam Kids Balance Ball is its ability to promote a healthy posture and improve balance. When used as a seat, the stability ball forces children to engage their core muscles to maintain balance. This engagement helps strengthen the back and abdominal muscles, ultimately leading to better posture. Additionally, the constant movements of the ball, even when seated, increase blood flow to the brain, improving focus and concentration.

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Active Sitting for Enhanced Learning

The Gaiam Kids Balance Ball serves as an active learning chair, providing children with a dynamic and engaging seating option. Traditional chairs can often lead to sedentary behavior and fidgeting, hindering concentration and productivity. However, the balance ball promotes active sitting, allowing children to wiggle and move while remaining seated. This active engagement keeps their bodies in motion and their minds focused, leading to enhanced learning experiences.

Flexible Seating Option for High-Energy Kids

Beyond its application as an active learning chair, the Gaiam Kids Balance Ball also functions as a flexible seating option. High-energy kids can benefit from using this ball as an alternative seat because it allows them to release excess energy and reduce fidgeting. Whether it’s in the classroom or at home, providing these children with a way to channel their energy through the use of the balance ball can help improve their focus and participation.

Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Uses

The versatility of the Gaiam Kids Balance Ball makes it suitable for a wide range of uses. Here are some examples:

Exercise and Fitness

The Gaiam Kids Balance Ball is perfect for exercise and fitness activities. Children can use it to practice yoga poses, perform core-strengthening exercises, or engage in fun workouts that promote balance and coordination. Incorporating the ball into their exercise routine will not only make it more enjoyable but also provide additional benefits to their overall fitness.

Homework and Study Time

Using the Gaiam Kids Balance Ball as a seat during homework or study time can help children stay focused and engaged. The constant movements of the ball keep their bodies active, thus preventing them from getting too restless or distracted. By incorporating the balance ball into their study routine, children may find that they are able to concentrate better and retain information more effectively.

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Playtime and Entertainment

The Gaiam Kids Balance Ball can be a great source of entertainment during playtime. Children can enjoy bouncing, rolling, and playing various games with the ball, both indoors and outdoors. Its vibrant blue color and soft texture make it inviting for kids of all ages. Whether it’s pretend play or organized activities, the balance ball adds an element of fun and physical activity to their playtime.

Product Specifications

To better understand the features and capabilities of the Gaiam Kids Balance Ball, take a look at the following specifications:

Specification Details
Product Dimensions 45 cm (1.5 ft) in diameter
Color Blue
Included Accessories Easy-inflation air pump
Weight Capacity 200 lbs
Inflation Instructions Inflate ball with air, let stand for 24 hours, deflate 50%, then fill again to 45 cm height.

Who Is the Gaiam Kids Balance Ball For

The Gaiam Kids Balance Ball is specifically designed for active children in home or classroom settings. It is suitable for children of all ages who may benefit from alternative seating options and engaging exercise tools. Here are a few examples of who would benefit from using this product:

  1. High-energy kids who need an outlet for excess energy and a way to reduce fidgeting.
  2. Children who struggle with maintaining a healthy posture and balance.
  3. Kids who have difficulty staying focused or who exhibit restlessness during tasks like homework or study time.
  4. Parents or teachers looking for a fun and engaging way to incorporate physical activity into the daily routine of their children or students.

Pros and Cons

To help you better evaluate the Gaiam Kids Balance Ball, here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Encourages a healthy posture and improves balance
  • Provides an engaging and active seating option
  • Promotes focus and concentration
  • Offers a versatile range of uses for exercise, play, and study
  • Can help reduce fidgeting and excess energy


  • May require re-inflation after initial use
  • Some children may require time to adjust to sitting on a balance ball
  • The product size may not be suitable for all children


  1. How do I inflate the Gaiam Kids Balance Ball? The ball comes with an easy-inflation air pump. Simply follow the provided inflation instructions, which recommend inflating the ball with air, letting it stand for 24 hours, deflating it halfway, and then filling it again to a height of 45 cm.

  2. What is the weight capacity of the balance ball? The Gaiam Kids Balance Ball has a weight capacity of 200 lbs, ensuring durability and suitability for children.

  3. Is the Gaiam Kids Balance Ball suitable for outdoor use? Yes, the balance ball can be used both indoors and outdoors, allowing children to enjoy play and exercise in various settings.

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What Customers Say About the Gaiam Kids Balance Ball

Customers who have purchased and used the Gaiam Kids Balance Ball have expressed positive feedback. Parents and teachers have reported improvements in their children’s posture, focus, and overall engagement. Many appreciate the flexibility and versatility this product offers and have found it to be a valuable addition to their homes or classrooms.

Overall Value

The Gaiam Kids Balance Ball provides an innovative and engaging solution for children’s exercise, learning, and playtime needs. Its ability to promote a healthy posture, improve balance, and enhance focus makes it a valuable tool for both parents and teachers. The versatility and benefits it offers set it apart from traditional seating options, making it an excellent investment for active children.


Tips and Tricks for Best Results

To ensure the best experience with the Gaiam Kids Balance Ball, consider the following tips and tricks:

  1. Start with shorter periods of use: If your child is new to using a balance ball as a seat, begin with shorter periods and gradually increase the duration to allow them to adjust to the dynamics of the ball.

  2. Incorporate various activities: Encourage your child to explore different activities with the balance ball, such as yoga poses, core exercises, or creative play, to maximize the benefits and keep them engaged.

  3. Monitor inflation: Check the inflation of the ball regularly to ensure it maintains the recommended size and firmness for optimal use.

  4. Create a designated space: Designate a specific area for the balance ball to avoid accidents or damage and to provide a dedicated space for your child’s activities.


In conclusion, the Gaiam Kids Balance Ball is a highly versatile and engaging tool that caters to the needs of active children. Its ability to promote a healthy posture, improve balance, and enhance focus make it an excellent alternative seating option for both home and classroom settings. With its easy inflation process and durable materials, the Gaiam Kids Balance Ball is a valuable investment for parents and teachers looking to provide their children with a fun and beneficial exercise experience.

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