WALIKI TOYS Chair Ball Review

Looking to add a bit of fun and functionality to your workspace? The WALIKI TOYS Chair Ball with Feet | Adult 13-101, 29″/75CM is an innovative seating solution that brings both core-strengthening exercise and organization to your daily routine. This unique, stability ball chair lets you stay active while seated, and its handy feet keep it from rolling away when not in use. Ideal for both educators and office workers, this versatile seat is designed for adults ranging from 5′ 2″ to 6′ 2″. Plus, with a durable design backed by a one-year warranty, you can count on WALIKI TOYS to keep you bouncing and balanced for years to come. Have you ever considered a fun, practical, and health-conscious alternative to your traditional office chair? The “WALIKI TOYS Chair Ball with Feet | Adult 13-101, 29″/75CM” may just be what you need to bring a little bounce into your day while optimizing your workspace. Let’s dive deep into everything this unique product has to offer.

WALIKI TOYS Chair Ball with Feet | Adult 13-101, 29/75CM

Click to view the WALIKI TOYS Chair Ball with Feet | Adult 13-101, 29/75CM.

What Makes the WALIKI TOYS Chair Ball with Feet Stand Out?

The WALIKI TOYS Chair Ball with Feet isn’t your average exercise ball. This product is designed not just for adults, but also for teachers looking to create a flexible classroom environment. Let’s take a look at some key features that make this chair ball an exciting option.


One of the standout features of this chair ball is its ability to keep your space organized and tidy. Unlike a regular exercise ball, this chair ball has legs that fold up when you’re sitting on it. This ingenious design means that when you’re not using the ball, the feet will keep it from rolling away. No more chasing rogue balls around your workspace! This not only keeps your area neat but also ensures the ball is always where you left it.

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Teachers, this one’s for you! The WALIKI Chair Ball is explicitly designed to meet the needs of a flexible classroom. Using this ball as a chair can help teach children by example about the importance of maintaining good posture and staying active. Switching it up from regular chairs to these can make the classroom environment more dynamic and inviting.


Finding the perfect fit is easy with this chair ball. Measuring 30”/75CM, it is ideal for adults between 5′ 2” to 6’ 2”. You can adjust the size by inflating it to your desired firmness, giving you a customized experience every time. And did we mention it doubles as a Hopper Ball when flipped over? Yes, you can actually have fun and get some exercise after work!


Quality is a significant concern when it comes to products like this, and WALIKI does not disappoint. The Chair Ball with Feet comes with a one-year warranty, reassuring you that your purchase is protected. This product is designed for durability, so you can rest easy knowing it’s made to last.


WALIKI has been in the market since 2005, and over the years, they have garnered trust and recognition for their high-quality, fun exercise products. Notably featured on shows like GMA and SNL, WALIKI Toys have a reputation for making exercise enjoyable. Owning a WALIKI product means you’re investing in a brand with a proven track record.

Detailed Breakdown: Features and Benefits

To give you a more comprehensive understanding, let’s break down the main features and benefits of the WALIKI TOYS Chair Ball with Feet.

Feature Benefit
Foldable Legs Keeps the chair ball in place when not in use, maintaining a tidy area.
Flexible Classroom Use Ideal for dynamic teaching environments.
Adjustable Size Customizable to fit adults 5′ 2” to 6’ 2”.
Durable Construction One-year warranty backs sturdy build quality.
Dual Functionality Doubles as a Hopper Ball for extra fun and exercise.
Trusted Brand Over 10 years in the market, recognized and trusted brand.

WALIKI TOYS Chair Ball with Feet | Adult 13-101, 29/75CM

Click to view the WALIKI TOYS Chair Ball with Feet | Adult 13-101, 29/75CM.

How to Use Your WALIKI TOYS Chair Ball

Getting Started

When you first receive your WALIKI TOYS Chair Ball, you’ll find it deflated. Don’t worry; a pump is included in the package. Inflate the ball to your desired firmness. For adults between 5′ 2” to 6’ 2”, a fully inflated ball will be the most comfortable. You want it firm enough to support your weight but not so hard that it feels like you’re sitting on a rock.

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Using it as a Chair

Simply place the chair ball at your desk, sit down, and the feet will fold up, offering no resistance. The goal is to engage your core muscles while you sit, promoting better posture and reducing strain on your back. You’ll find that just by using this chair, your workspace becomes a little more dynamic and a lot more fun.

Switching to Hopper Mode

Finished with work but still full of energy? Flip the ball over, grab the two handles, and bounce away! This feature is particularly enjoyable and serves as a quick way to get some exercise right at your desk. Plus, it brings a smile to your face—an underrated but important benefit.

User Experiences and Reviews

Positive Feedback

Many users rave about the Chair Ball’s ability to improve posture and make long hours at the desk more bearable. They also love its dual functionality, as it allows them to get some exercise during breaks. Some even highlight the tidiness it brings to their environment since it doesn’t roll away when not in use.

Constructive Criticism

Though the majority of reviews are positive, some users mention that it takes a bit of time to get used to sitting on an exercise ball if you’ve never done it before. A few people have found that the legs sometimes interfere slightly when they’re not perfectly folded, though this seems to be a rare issue.

Tips and Tricks

Maximize Comfort

Finding the perfect inflation level is key. You want the ball to be firm enough to provide support but not so hard that you can’t sink into it a bit. A good rule of thumb is to inflate it so that your hips are slightly above your knees when sitting.


To ensure that your WALIKI Chair Ball lasts as long as possible, avoid placing it on rough surfaces that could puncture it. Regularly check for any signs of wear and tear, particularly around the feet and handles.

Getting the Most Out of Classroom Use

For teachers, consider starting with a mix of traditional and WALIKI Chair Balls. Gradually increase the number of chair balls as the children become accustomed to them. Incorporate fun balancing activities into your daily routine to make learning more engaging.

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Comparison to Other Products

When compared to traditional chairs and even other exercise balls, the WALIKI TOYS Chair Ball with Feet brings a unique blend of functionality and fun.

Traditional Office Chairs

Traditional chairs offer stability and a straightforward seating solution but often lack in promoting good posture or core strength. The WALIKI Chair Ball, on the other hand, actively engages your muscles, contributing to a healthier workday.

Regular Exercise Balls

Exercise balls are great for posture and core strength but can be a nuisance as they often roll away when not in use. The added feet on the WALIKI Chair Ball solve this problem, offering the benefits of an exercise ball without the hassle.

Feature Traditional Chair Regular Exercise Ball WALIKI Chair Ball
Promotes Good Posture No Yes Yes
Builds Core Strength No Yes Yes
Stability High Medium High (with feet)
Dual Functionality No No Yes
Maintains Tidy Workspace Yes No Yes

Incorporating WALIKI Chair Ball into Your Lifestyle

Using the WALIKI TOYS Chair Ball with Feet can seamlessly fit into different aspects of your lifestyle, from work to fitness and beyond.

Office Use

Integrate the chair ball into your daily routine at work. Alternate between your traditional chair and the chair ball to vary your seating position and keep your body engaged throughout the day.

Home Office

If you work from home, the WALIKI Chair Ball can add a fun and healthier dimension to your workspace. It can also double up as a fitness tool when taking short breaks, letting you stay active even within the confines of your home office.

Classroom Setting

Teachers can use the chair ball to create a dynamic and flexible seating arrangement for their students. This not only makes learning more engaging but also helps children develop better posture and core strength from a young age.

Fitness and Fun

Beyond its use as a chair, the WALIKI Chair Ball can be used for exercises such as crunches, planks, and even as a balance tool for enhancing stability. And when you need a break, flip it over and use it as a Hopper Ball for some light-hearted fun.

Final Thoughts

The WALIKI TOYS Chair Ball with Feet is more than just an exercise ball; it’s a versatile, fun, and health-conscious addition to any workspace or classroom. Its unique design solves common problems associated with exercise balls, like rolling away, and offers additional functionality that traditional chairs simply can’t match.

Whether you’re seeking to improve your posture, create a more dynamic classroom environment, or just inject a bit of fun into your daily routine, the WALIKI Chair Ball is a fantastic option. With a decade-long reputation backing its quality and a variety of features designed to make your life easier and healthier, this product is worth considering for anyone looking to make a positive change to their seating arrangement.

Happy jumping, core strengthening, and desk working!

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